Before I started at Luke Bremner Fitness I had always found going to the gym intimidating, and when I did go I was very unsure what exercises or equipment to use to gain results. I struggled to motivate myself there, where I had no real support system. I also tried every fad diet out there, with little success.

In a one on one environment with Luke at his private studio I was made to feel at ease – and provided with such motivation and positivity. I found myself looking forward to training sessions each week. Furthermore, through the application of nutritional knowledge and guidance I now enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

I have lost 18 lbs, 10% body fat and a total of 7 inches round my waist. I’m now 2 dress sizes down, feel much more toned and can now fit in to my favourite dresses again – one of my initial goals when I started at Luke Bremner Fitness.

After achieving the above results I now benefit from more self confidence; increased muscle strength and tone; a better lifestyle and having experienced the results, I now have no problem motivating myself to eat healthily and keep active.

I recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to everyone who wants to get in shape without reservation.