Derek, Business Owner

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A year ago my physical appearance was making me very unhappy so I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness for help. After my initial consultation with Luke I decided to sign up for 6 months and within a relatively short space of time I was losing the weight I'd been trying to lose myself for years and seeing my body transform. Investing in myself and working with Luke and his team has been life changing. .

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The quality of personal training at the studio is very high and as a result I’ve managed to lose over 3 stone in weight, have improved my general fitness level and my nutrition is so much better than it was. I also no longer suffer with back pain from a previous injury nearly as much as I did and I’m enjoying exercise for the first time in my life.

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Ali, Financial Services

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I found that if I previously went to the gym I would not have any structure or idea of what I wanted to achieve. The programmes Graham designed for me were personalised and delivered the exact results I wanted. Now when I got to the gym I am aware of exactly what I want to do and have consistency around it.

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Luke, Logistics Manager

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Training with Luke Bremner Fitness is easily the best decision I have ever made relating to my health and fitness! Not only have I have achieved my weight loss goals and greatly improved my fitness and health, but my habits and attitudes as to how I treat and look after my body have totally changed for the better.

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