“My Chubby Cheeks” – The Photo Of Myself That Left Me Shocked

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Your daily habits can either lead you towards to a healthy, fit, lean and strong body OR cause you to remain unfit, unwell, overweight and out-of-shape. Find out exactly why in this blog post.

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50 Years Old (In the shape of his life!)

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Today I have an inspirational story to share with you - a case-study of a client of mine, Derek. Derek has just hit "the big 5-0" and at age 50 is, in his own words, in "the shape of his life" - as you can see from this reverse picture of him below: An incredible [...]

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She Lost 1 Stone & 5 Inches From Her Waist (details enclosed)

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How our client Sarah lost a stone in weight and around 5 inches from her waist by making a simple tweak to her nutrition programme (details enclosed).

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If You’re Bloated, Sluggish & Struggling To Lose Weight…

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Being bloated isn't much fun. Nor is having no appetite, feeling sluggish and struggling to lose weight... If any of the above symptoms are present it could indicate a digestive issue or deficiency - an often forgotten and overlooked component of any weight loss (or general health boosting) programme. Not only is a healthy digestive [...]

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I Am Fat (Important)

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I was sitting having a discussion with a lady last week during the free consultation we offer to anyone interested in working with us. Whilst listening intently as she told me about her goals, I could tell she was deeply unhappy in her life, which she had attributed to her physical appearance. All she wanted to do was lose weight so [...]

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Is Stress Sabotaging Your Results?

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So What's The Problem With Stress? I always knew stress management was very important when it came to getting great results with my clients and I did whatever I could to help them with their stress/anxiety. However, I didn't fully appreciate just HOW important it was until very recently, when I completed my MindMAP course [...]

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Tom Cruise and Weight Loss?

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I watched the Tom Cruise film "Edge of Tomorrow" a few days ago. (It's a great film by the way so be sure to check it out if you haven't already). I soon realised how the theme of the film is very similar to how most people approach their own weight loss and body transformations (and [...]

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The German Sausage Story

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Back in December last year we took our Nephew up to the German Markets at Princess Street so he could play on the rides and meet Santa. It wasn't the nicest weather, in fact it was 'baltic' as we Scots say, but we had a good time nevertheless and most importantly so did he. There's something magical about [...]

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The Dog Experiment

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Recently I've been thinking about a getting a dog, so naturally I've been paying a lot more attention to dogs I see on the street being taken for a walk by their owners. Last week I saw a cute (yet rather large) puppy that was super excitable being taken for a walk, or perhaps more accurately taking [...]

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