dogRecently I’ve been thinking about a getting a dog, so naturally I’ve been paying a lot more attention to dogs I see on the street being taken for a walk by their owners.

Last week I saw a cute (yet rather large) puppy that was super excitable being taken for a walk, or perhaps more accurately taking her owner for a walk!  I made a friendly comment to the owner as they went past, something along the lines of “she’s a handful isn’t she!”.

The owner, red in the face and out of breath, replied “yes… I can’t keep up with her!”. As I continued down the hill back to the Luke Bremner Fitness headquarters I suddenly remembered something I had seen on the television a few months prior.

It was a documentary; a social experiment about the relationship between dogs and dog owners. They were interviewing dog owners about how well they fed their dogs and how much exercise they got.

But here’s the thing…

They were particularly targeting overweight dog owners…

(I’ll tell you why this is relevant in one moment – the results were quite incredible!)

The interviews concluded that the dogs were fed very well by their owners, who clearly did their best to source the highest quality food. In addition, it was also concluded that all but one of those interviewed confirmed that their dog got at least the recommended minimum amount of exercise every day.

Then came the interesting bit…

The show host, who was involved in the health and fitness industry somehow, then went on to ask those interviewed dog owners a question that stopped them in their tracks:

“If you feed your dog the best food and make sure it gets exercise every day, why don’t you look after yourself in the same way?”

Naturally, some of those asked got pretty defensive, but the majority were dumbstruck… They simply didn’t have an answer.

Essentially, the dog owners did everything they could to keep their dogs fit, strong and healthy, yet they completely neglected to apply the exact same principles to themselves.

Kinda crazy, isn’t it?

…or is it?

It’s actually standard these days for people to prioritise everything else before themselves.

Work comes first.

– Making money comes first.

– Washing the car comes first.

– Cleaning the house comes first.

I could continue….

I’m not saying these things are not important, but let’s face it – they aren’t going to make your healthier or give you the body you want. These things come first and everything else that’s actually important when it comes to creating a fitter, healthier, lighter and happier you becomes ‘reactive’.

You don’t think about preparing healthy meals…you grab something fast on the go when you have time. You don’t plan time for your gym sessions….you go when you can be bothered, or most likely put it off all together because something else takes priority.

Again, I could continue, but I’m confident you get where I’m going with this. So today’s lesson is this:

Until you start putting yourself first and making exercise, healthy eating and healthy living a priority and a NON-NEGOTIABLE habit you won’t achieve your goals.

You’ll remain overweight, out-of-shape, tired, unhappy and wondering why you’re still stuck.

I challenge you to create a schedule for your exercise sessions and map out when you’ll go to the gym and stick to it. I challenge you to map out your days’ eating plan and know what you’re going to eat and when. Make these things non-negotiable and you’ll be on the right path to achieving your goals.

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