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Luke Bremner Fitness - Personal Trainer Edinburgh - Team Photo

Luke Bremner Fitness was founded in 2011 by Luke Bremner.

Our goal is, and always has been, to help Edinburgh’s busy professional improve their health, fitness, body shape and quality of life through bespoke and professional personal training and nutrition coaching.

Since 2011, our company has grown consistently and quickly became established as one of the leading providers of personal training and nutrition coaching services in Edinburgh.

We currently have two private studios – one in in the New Town on Jamaica Street (opened in 2014) and the other in Stockbridge on North West Circus Place (opened in 2018).

At our studios we strive to provide a friendly and non-intimidating environment for everyone who works with us so you can feel comfortable and confident working with our team of expert coaches:

Luke Bremner, BSc (Hons) / PN1

Business Manager, Online Training Director & Precision Nutrition Coach.

After graduating with an honours degree in Podiatry from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2008, Luke spent 2 years working in the NHS, during which time his main interest was in the area of biomechanics – the study of human movement.

After deciding a career in the NHS as a Podiatrist wasn’t for him, Luke took this knowledge and decided to follow his passion and start a personal training business, after gaining numerous qualifications in health, fitness and nutrition.

Luke quickly gained a reputation as an expert in the fitness industry, and the Luke Bremner Fitness brand, along with the Luke Bremner Fitness team, has become synonymous with professionalism and quality throughout Edinburgh and beyond.

Although Luke continues to do some personal training, he now specialises in nutrition coaching and life coaching. These additional skills help clients make profound changes in their lives and are the perfect complement to the exercise side of personal training to deliver personal transformation.

Although Luke predominantly oversees the business now, he still works with a handful of clients on our executive health coaching programme. Click the programme name above to learn more about this.

Keith - Personal Trainer Edinburgh | Luke Bremner Fitness

Keith Bateman, BSc (Hons)

Exercise Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor.

Keith joined the Luke Bremner Fitness team in September 2014 and quickly became very popular with our clients. He has an impressive 18 years experience in the fitness industry, the last 14 of which have been as a Personal Trainer. He has a vast range of skills and qualifications in the fitness and nutrition industry.

This wealth of experience allows Keith to deliver a high-quality training and coaching experience to all the clients we work with and always manages to ensure the sessions are varied, challenging, fun and most importantly, deliver results.

His infectious passion for health and fitness and a lifelong interest in sports definitely comes across in his sessions and he is frequently complimented on his methods, training style and manner, as well as for the fantastic results he achieves with our clients.

Keith currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Alice - Personal Trainer Edinburgh | Luke Bremner Fitness

Alice Wylie-van Eerd, DNZ Level 1

Exercise Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor

Alice joined the Luke Bremner Fitness team in April 2016 boasting an impressive 6 years of experience working in the industry at the top level with private clients.

Alice has a lifelong passion for sports, coaching, and utilising the skills our body can perform, having come from a strong sporting and outdoor background, and representing New Zealand as a Springboard Diver for over 5 years.

She truly understands what it means to push yourself within your personal limitations and to set and achieve realistic goals both in the short and long term to create amazing outcomes; completely transforming your health, fitness and body shape for a higher quality of life.

Having had, and learned from many coaches in the past, Alice has developed a very professional and dedicated approach with her own clients and has crafted a unique and effective coaching style that is both motivating, refreshing, and of course fun in the process.

Alice currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Graeme - Personal Trainer Edinburgh | Luke Bremner Fitness

Graeme Duncan,

Exercise Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor

Graeme joined the Luke Bremner Fitness team in August 2016 with a wide range of skills in the fitness industry which have developed over the last twelve years through working closely with a large, diverse group of clients.

An energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and sporty personality, Graeme has dedicated his whole career to the well-being sector. During his career, having worked with a cross-section of clients, whose needs and goals have varied massively, Graeme has maintained his proficiency in fitness and well-being training, ensuring that his research and information is consistent with the latest scientific and medical research.

This experienced background, along with Graeme’s commitment and enthusiasm, enables his clients to excel in reaching the targets they set out to achieve.

Graeme’s experience includes the completion of extensive qualifications in Nutritional & Lifestyle Coaching, Strength Training, Muscle Testing, Swedish Massage and Body Composition training.

Graeme currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Duncan - Personal Trainer Edinburgh | Luke Bremner Fitness

Duncan McPherson,

Personal Trainer, Postural Correction Specialist & Nutritional Advisor

Duncan joined the team in April 2018 and is a multi-faceted personal trainer, athlete and avid martial artist who combines years of dedicated training mixed with extensive research to provide a truly effective approach towards health, fitness and longevity.

His philosophy focuses on helping clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that comprises all dimensions of fitness and he has a particular affinity and specialist knowledge in the area of postural correction. Having delivered workshops to businesses about improving movement and correcting postural imbalances, Duncan incorporates this specialist knowledge into his training programmes with all clients.

In addition to the above, Duncan has travelled extensively to learn from yogis, movement coaches, martial artists, strength coaches and endurance athletes. He has gained impressive experience in a variety of areas and has combined this knowledge to improve his coaching methods so he can provide a fun, varied and intelligent personal training service – a great platform for any individual looking to make positive changes to their health, fitness and mindset.

Duncan currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Alex - Personal Trainer Edinburgh | Luke Bremner Fitness

Alex McLaren, BA

Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor & Mobility Specialist

Alex joined us in August 2018, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained from years of elite-level swim coaching, strength and conditioning coaching and personal training.

A former international athlete representing Canada, Alex’s true passion is promoting health in a sustainable and enjoyable way. His enthusiasm for helping everyone embrace their inner athlete is contagious.

With a focus on lifelong learning, Alex has an impressive range of experience and qualifications, always striving to stay abreast of current scientific research in the field of health and exercise. Alex has a special interest in joint mobility and has spent time working with athletes and the general population helping restore and improve active range of motion and motor control.

Alex’s personable approach means that his clients achieve their goals feeling empowered to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle in the long-term. Whether your goals include losing weight, improving strength, or just feeling better, he is there to support you through your own personal process.

Alex currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Calum Young, BSc

Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor & Sports Conditioning Specialist

With a degree in Applied Sports & Exercise Science and years of experience working with clients in high-level gyms and studios across the country, Calum brings both experience and specialist knowledge to the Luke Bremner Fitness team.

Calum has extensive experience working with a diverse range of people from those who suffer with chronic health conditions to athletes preparing for high-level sporting events, as well ‘everyday’ people who want to make safe and sustainable improvements to their health, fitness and body shape.

Calum is passionate about healthy living and helping his clients form health-building habits with highly positive results. He combines his years of experience as a trainer and coach as well as his own training as an international athlete to help his clients move better, prevent injuries and improve their health and body shape in a safe and sustainable way.

Calum joined the team in April 2019 and has settled in very well. His calm and relaxed presence is noticeable around the studio and helps his clients to feel comfortable and achieve their goals without feeling out of their depth.

Calum currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Chris Martin, BSc

Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor

Chris is the latest addition to the Luke Bremner Fitness team, joining us in August 2019. He will be working with us on a part-time basis as he also runs his own mobile and outdoor personal training business, Evolve Your Health.

Chris has always felt in his element pursuing outdoor adventures and playing sports. His experience working in a sedentary and stressful job made him realise just how difficult it is to stay fit and healthy in the modern world. He, therefore, has a focus on relating to and having empathy for other people in a similar situation. He combines this experience with his knowledge of health and fitness to empower people to integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle.

Chris also applies a holistic approach to health and fitness with the understanding that lifestyle factors such as sleep are interdependent to exercise and nutrition when it comes to reaching any health and fitness target. He has a real passion to help people live healthy lifestyles that are enjoyable and sustainable for them and this is evident in his approach to setting up his programmes with our clients.

Chris currently works with clients on our 3, 6 and 12-month Personal Training transformation programmes which you can learn more about here.

Sam McCracken,

Administrative Assistant & Online Manager

Sam joined the Luke Bremner Fitness team in May 2016 as the administrative assistant, working remotely.

Having run her own virtual Personal Assistant support business for a number of years, Sam joined the team to provide support for the increased levels of enrolments, bookings and enquiries and to help meet the extra demand for scheduling and administrative tasks as Luke Bremner Fitness LTD. continues to grow.

With a keen interest in fitness and nutrition, Sam is a perfect addition to the team and is only too happy to help with general enquiries where possible and makes sure that all specific enquiries, applications and bookings are processed as quickly and suitably as possible.

Sam has recently evolved into the online business manager role in the business and it’s likely Sam will be your first point of contact should you decide to get in touch with us at any point!

Now you’ve met all the coaches properly, if you would like to work with any of us you can book in for your complimentary consultation to find out more about how we can help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

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