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Success Stories

Below you will find some success stories from a number of clients – past and present – who have worked with us over the years.

We like to share these success stories to help anyone interested in working with us understand more about our services and also to read about the experiences of other people and the results they achieved.

While there are a large number of success stories shown below, we also have reviews on Google with more success stories and client experiences. You can read our New Town facility google reviews here and our Stockbridge facility google reviews here.

Meredith, Business Engagement Manager

I started working with Luke Bremner Fitness in May 2013 following a recommendation from a friend who had already been training their for a few months and was not only seeing great results, but also thoroughly enjoying her sessions. I was already a keen runner and gym-goer, and had a basic understanding of exercise and good nutrition, but simply wasn’t seeing the physical results I wanted in terms of muscle tone and weight loss. I decided to get in touch with Luke for help in these areas.

The team at Luke Bremner Fitness were able to help me combine both nutritional knowledge & application with a variety of different resistance-based exercises in an exercise programme specifically tailored to my needs to help me achieve the results I had failed to achieve on my own. The results have been (in my opinion) really exciting!  I now have good overall strength and have lost weight in all the right places and will continue to improve even more in these areas by continuing to follow the programme.

The nutritional coaching has also been of great use. Exercise is one component in the effort to lose weight and build lean muscle but the other, perhaps even more important aspect of this goal, is to be aware of the foods I am consuming, and ensure that the foods I eat contribute to my ambitions, rather than counteracting them!

Alasdair, PGA Professional Golfer

I went to Luke Bremner Fitness for advice on exercise and nutrition to help me strengthen my muscles and drop some weight round my mid-section. Through the exercise programme and nutritional coaching I was given, my body shape completely changed, my muscles were more toned and I dropped inches from my waist.

Luke also took into consideration that I’m a professional golfer and included golf-specific exercises in my fitness programme which improved my posture, flexibility and strength – all which made a profound improvement to my game on the golf course. I don’t hesitate to recommend Luke Bremner Fitness as a top personal training studio in Edinburgh.

Laura, Communications Manager

When I first started training at Luke Bremner Fitness I was VERY out of shape and not used to working out in a gym. I was nervous and worried I’d feel insecure when faced with workouts, gym equipment and the environment in general.

However, Luke and his team helped me overcome these fears by being very supportive and encouraging and always pushed me to do my best in my workouts. I even managed to exceed my own expectations in the gym (doing 50 burpees was a particular highlight) and I felt so proud afterwards. The workouts were always varied so it never got boring and continued to inspire confidence in me as I got fitter.

I had initially begun working with Luke Bremner Fitness with the goal of losing weight and getting fitter to be able to go to the gym on my own with confidence and feel I have achieved my goals in all these areas.

Since starting, through the exercise programmes and coaching with my nutrition and lifestyle, I’ve lost weight (around 16lbs in total), feel much fitter and have the confidence to workout on my own and no longer fear sports or gyms.

Just a thank you – I’d recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their health and fitness and learn how to eat in a way that makes them feel energized and good about themselves, without being too restrictive.

Lynne, Director

Training sessions at Luke Bremner Fitness are effective, varied and enjoyable. There is clearly a lot of thought and planning that goes into structuring each session for optimal benefit and to help meet individual’s goals. I may be the one perspiring but it does feel like a joint effort – that we’re working together.

Kirsten, Resource Analyst

“Luke is a great personal trainer and nutrition coach but the transformation coaching adds a far greater depth to the service he provides. Through this coaching Luke identified the root cause of issues that were preventing me making progress in all areas of my life (not just in the gym).

After experiencing the power of this coaching I can honestly say I feel everyone could benefit from it and thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness – Personal Trainer Edinburgh, if you’re battling with ‘mindset’ issues that are affecting all areas of your life, not just your health and fitness.”

Caroline, Director of Finance

Since beginning my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness I’ve lost inches round my waist and hips feel much fitter, stronger and have more energy. The exercise sessions are hard work but rewarding and I always feel great when I leave! I also suffered from long-term back pain before I started working with Luke Bremner Fitness but that has now completely resolved as Luke identified the problem and included corrective exercise techniques into my program to resolve it.

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