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Success Stories

Below you will find some success stories from a number of our clients – past and present – who have worked with us over the years.

We like to share these success stories to help anyone interested in working with us to understand more about our services and also to read about the experiences of other people and the results they achieved.

While there are a large number of success stories shown below, we also have reviews on Google with more success stories and client experiences.

You can read our New Town (Jamaica Street) facility reviews by clicking here and our Stockbridge (North West Circus Place) facility reviews by clicking here.

Ali, Financial Services

After recently turning 30, it became apparent my fitness levels were at an all time low and I was becoming increasingly overweight. I knew I needed to bite the bullet and take action, and following a recommendation from a colleague, I decided to get in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness.

Initially I was apprehensive about starting the 4 Week Jumpstart programme due to the investment, and also because I was unsure what to expect. However, the training programme exceeded my expectations as I began to notice and feel the benefits of training with Graeme, my coach, very quickly.

Graeme and I got along really well. He kept me motivated when I felt like I had nothing left to give, and helped me learn about the right exercise and nutrition principles for my particular lifestyle, fitness level and how best to work towards achieving my goals. All of this in combination massively helped me to meet my objectives.

I found that if I previously went to the gym I would not have any structure or idea of what I wanted to achieve. The programmes Graeme designed for me were personalised and delivered the exact results I wanted. Now when I got to the gym I am aware of exactly what to do and have consistency around it to maintain my progress on my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and would recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone. The benefits were both immediate and long term as I now have the knowledge and capability to continue improving my fitness and weight loss.

Luke, Logistics Manager

After 20 years of no exercise and eating whatever I liked, I found myself with a poor level of fitness and unable to play with my 3 young children without getting out of breath. In addition, as a result of my bad eating habits I found myself gaining weight and I knew I needed to do something about this.

At age 35 I was aware that if I left the decision to make changes any longer it was going to become exceptionally difficult, and following a recommendation for Luke Bremner Fitness from a friend, I decided to get in touch.

Initially, I was apprehensive about investing in the 12 week programme for financial reasons, but after going to the studio and finding a friendly and professional team ready to tailor my training programme to suit my needs and goals, I decided to go for it, and was paired with Jon as my coach.

During the programme I found my fitness and endurance levels increased very quickly, I lost weight consistently, and gained knowledge and understanding of how best to eat and exercise to achieve my goals.

All sessions were private and 1-2-1 with my coach, and I found them to be non-judgemental, flexible and highly motivating and encouraging; all notable benefits of training at Luke Bremner Fitness.

From my initial meeting right through to the end of the programme I felt that all the staff had a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals.  Everyone was very helpful and encouraging and the service provided is very professional, personalised, easy to access and great value. Training with Luke Bremner Fitness is easily the best decision I have ever made relating to my health and fitness!

Not only have I have achieved my weight loss goals and greatly improved my fitness and health, but my habits and attitudes as to how I treat and look after my body have totally changed for the better. I now feel confident how to eat properly and train properly to maintain my progress in the long run. I don’t think I can emphasize strongly enough how transformational this 12 week training programme has been!

Great work by Luke Wilson and his coach Jon – here are Luke’s amazing before and after pictures for the 12 Week Transformation Programme:

Alison, Retired

It was with trepidation that I began my research into gyms in my local area. I had never used a gym before and had no idea of what I was really looking for, but what I did know was that I wanted to find a way to improve my fitness and my nutritional knowledge.

During my research I found there were a large number of personal trainers in Edinburgh, but in the end I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness. What appealed to me about Luke Bremner Fitness was their willingness to look at me as an individual and create a programme tailored to my unique needs, rather than just treating me as ‘another number’.

This was confirmed during my initial meeting with Luke, who asked lots of questions, then he listened carefully to my responses, which was a refreshing change. We spoke at length and Luke decided to pair me with Keith after I decided to join the 12 week transformation programme.

After each session, I left feeling good (but sweaty!) and I loved that I was worked hard!

I learned so much, not just about how to move and strengthen my body but also an enormous amount about nutrition. This was exactly the combination I was looking for and Keith has been a wonderful source of information and knowledge that I can now take forward and continue with for the rest of my life.

With Keith’s combination of positivity and gentle encouragement I slowly but surely made huge progress…. and I’ve not hit him too hard during the boxing! 🙂

I would without hesitation recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for that special personal touch. It truly is a life changing experience. I’ve had a fabulous time and learned so much.

(Unfortunately we don’t have a photograph for Alison as she opted not to have her photo shown online, but nonetheless a great testimony to what’s possible with commitment and effort! Well done Alison!)

Andrew, Lawyer

Before I started my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness I was concerned I was too unfit to train with a trainer. I was worried I would not be able to do the exercises and get the results I wanted. I was also nervous that the training and nutritional changes would not work as so many things I had tried before had not worked.

After my first meetings with Luke and Keith, I felt much more positive about the challenges ahead and felt that my goals were achievable. By setting nutritional and fitness targets, the challenge seemed less daunting and the results felt instantaneous. My first training session with Keith was relaxed and enjoyable. He has a great manner and continues to challenge me while making training sessions fun. I now look forward to going to the gym, which I never did before.

I had initially contacted Luke Bremner Fitness as I wanted to lose weight, tone up and generally look and feel better. Since beginning my programme I had achieved all of the above and have successfully lost weight, and completely changed my body shape in a positive way. I also feel healthier, more alert and more body confident and I also now sleep better and actually enjoy exercise and my training sessions.

I think what is on offer is a great product, with the support and encouragement that is required to set and achieve goals. The results have been better than I had hoped, and I continue to set different goals and targets with increased confidence that I will achieve them.

Ian, Business Owner

I was frustrated at being stuck at my current weight for years despite attempting to lose weight on numerous occasions and was becoming increasingly unhappy with my body shape. I had no idea where to start and was confused about what I should be eating, how I should be exercising and what changes I needed to introduce into my lifestyle in order to make change to my body shape, so I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness.

I was initially a little apprehensive about getting started as I wasn’t sure what was involved in a personal training programme, but after meeting Luke at the initial consultation I felt more at ease as he explained everything to me in detail and make me feel more relaxed about the whole process.

After I started my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness and implemented the advice given to me by Luke and his team I quickly began to notice changes in the way I looked and felt. In a relatively short space of time I managed to lose a significant amount of weight to get back to my ‘ideal’ weight and I’m now also far more confident with my body shape as I develop tone and definition in my muscles.

As a busy business owner, I was surprised I was able to change my body shape so quickly. I feel that this is largely due to the coaching format Luke has created as we worked together to gradually build new healthy habits together rather than simply being bombarded with the ‘do this do that’ type approach that is so common these days. This approach works perfectly in my busy lifestyle.

I thoroughly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone looking for a personal trainer in Edinburgh.

Joe, Finance Director

Unfortunately we don’t have a success story for Joe, but he was more than willing to let us snap these pictures of his progress over a 12 week period – well done Joe!

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