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Success Stories

Below you will find some success stories from a number of our clients – past and present – who have worked with us over the years.

We like to share these success stories to help anyone interested in working with us to understand more about our services and also to read about the experiences of other people and the results they achieved.

While there are a large number of success stories shown below, we also have reviews on Google with more success stories and client experiences.

You can read our New Town (Jamaica Street) facility reviews by clicking here and our Stockbridge (North West Circus Place) facility reviews by clicking here.

Paul, Self-Employed

Before working with my Luke Bremner Fitness coach Calum, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. My diet was completely off and I’d been sedentary for months.

Originally I was worried that my incredibly busy work schedule would impede my ability to make it into my sessions. But Calum was always so flexible and understanding.

Having worked with personal trainers all over the world, I’ve never come across someone as talented as Calum. His knowledge of body systems, exercises, and functional mobility was honestly the best I’ve ever experienced.

On top of that Calum had such a great personality that it made the sessions not only effective in terms of fitness goals but absolutely enjoyable as well.

By the end of my time with Calum, I was sleeping like a rock for the first time in a long time, I was eating much more healthily and my strength increased so much.

I felt lighter on my feet, I had so much more energy during the day that I’d almost cut out coffee entirely. (I used to live on the stuff just to make it through the day).

Clothes are fitting better than ever and I just feel confident going through my workday.

I need to travel frequently, but if there was a way to travel with Calum, I’d take him with me on all my trips. The service overall from Luke Bremner Fitness is just so friendly and approachable. Luke and the team treat you like a valued team member, not a number on a spreadsheet – and I really appreciate that.

I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend working with Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering personal training in Edinburgh.


I would imagine that the Luke Bremner Fitness studio is the best of its kind in Edinburgh, or possibly even Scotland!

I’ve recently finished my initial 12-week programme with Alex and had a very professional experience throughout.

It’s evident that the team’s knowledge and understanding of how to help clients achieve their health & fitness goals is very high and I’m pleased to say I achieved the goals Alex and I set out together.

My whole experience with Luke Bremner Fitness has been first class. It’s an outstanding service which can be completely relied upon and I look forward to continuing to work with Alex long term.

Clare, Administrator

This is just a message to say thank you to Luke Bremner Fitness for a great year of personal training with Alex.

I turned 40 last April and decided to improve my fitness and I’m 100% glad I chose your personal training service.

From the initial point of contact with Sam, the call with Luke and the sessions with Alex, it has all been extremely professional.

I’ve always had confidence in Alex’s professional ability and his kindheartedness and positive nature has been really good.

I can visibly see the changes in my body and friends and family have remarked on this as well.

I just wanted to send this message to say how much I enjoy training with Alex and the positive difference he has made in my life.

Kenny, Retailer

When I applied to Luke Bremner Fitness for personal training, I wanted to find out more about working on my body strength in specific areas as I had started to experience pain due to health reasons.

My trainer Alex’s methods of personal training are fantastic. When I started working with him, I had very restricted movement in both shoulders – from years of neglect, and previous sports injuries.

This had got to the stage where I, more often than not, needed assistance with getting a coat or jacket on.

After working with Alex for just 3 months, I have almost complete mobility back in my right shoulder and arm and around 90% in the left. The change is remarkable.

As well as those specific changes, my overall mobility, posture and strength have increased significantly, which has had an excellent effect on my overall health and wellbeing. I can now put coats on again without thinking about or fearing it!

I’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering private personal training in Edinburgh. With a plan built around my unique circumstances, excellent identification of issues with body weakness and a path to correcting and setting them right, and a thoughtful and holistic approach that I enjoy immensely.

You can find out more about our programmes here.

Harry, Cybersecurity Consultant

Before applying to work with Luke Bremner Fitness, some of the concerns I had when I was considering personal training were the financial and time implications as well as the possibility of physically stepping outside of my comfort zone.

However, what I found after working with my trainer Calum was improved motivation surrounding exercise and diet, and willingness (not discomfort!) to do physical activity that pushed me.

I found the private, 1-1 approach with really positive interaction gave me the space to build my confidence whilst improving my fitness, unlike public gyms, which I have unfortunately found can be intimidating and unfriendly.

I’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering private personal training in Edinburgh. The training, encouragement, flexible approach, friendly staff and competent instruction have led me to happily continue with their service on an ongoing basis.

You can find out more about our personal training programmes here.

Chris and Emma, Estate Agents

Before we contacted Luke Bremner Fitness about working with a personal trainer, we had a gym membership and went to classes, but were still struggling to reach our weight loss goals on our own.

We felt we needed the inspiration to learn new exercises to not only help us to achieve our short term goals but also become a way of life for the long term.

Luke Bremner Fitness has been a wonderful experience, from our initial introduction to our last session, we have felt supported throughout the whole process.

Our coach was Duncan, who is a true asset to the team, providing well-rounded knowledge and experience as well as technical ability, whilst giving us the confidence to train independently going forward. He has assisted in work-related postural issues and rehabilitation of injuries, whilst giving solid nutrition and lifestyle coaching advice.

We’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness. The 12-week programme has given us the motivation to train smarter, harder and more efficiently to achieve our goals.

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