Success Stories

Below you’ll find a selection of success stories from a number of our clients, past and present.

We share these testimonials to help you understand more about our services (and the results you can achieve) through the experiences of others we’ve worked with.

We have a selection of video, image and text-based testimonials below. And, you can read our 50+ Google reviews from our New Town facility clients here and our Stockbridge facility clients here.

We hope you enjoy reading about our client’s successes as much as we enjoyed facilitating them!

Video Testimonials

Before & After Images

Murray, Web Design Student

Luke and the team are truly excellent.

My coaches Alex and Calum were extremely professional and not only focused on my fitness, but my lifestyle, health and overall well-being.

I joined the AIM Method 12-week transformation programme and as you can see from the progress photo below my body shape changed dramatically over the 12-week period.

I lost a lot of weight and my overall health and fitness have improved greatly. I now feel now more energised and motivated in my day-to-day life.

For anyone looking for personal training in Edinburgh, I can’t recommend Luke Bremner Fitness highly enough!

Yasmin, Law Student

I have always found the gym intimidating. And when I did go I was always unsure what exercises or equipment to use to get results.

I also struggled with self-motivation and healthy eating without a support system. That’s why I contacted Luke Bremner Fitness for help.

At their private studio, I felt at ease and it was always such a positive environment with my coach. I looked forward to training sessions each week which is something I never thought I’d say!

I had an exercise programme created for my fitness level and made changes to my lifestyle. This, in combination with improving my eating habits, helped me achieve my goals.

I lost over 20lbs in weight, dropped 10% body fat and a total of 7 inches around my waist. I’m now 2 dress sizes down and can fit into my favourite clothes again.

I now have more self-confidence, a stronger and more toned body and I’m much happier. I also feel confident I can maintain these results long-term.

Liam, IT Director

Luke Bremner Fitness - Personal Trainer Edinburgh - Liam Before & After Image

After years of long working hours and poor food choices, I was overweight and tired. I lacked the motivation to make changes and contacted Luke Bremner Fitness for help.

After joining the 12-week programme, I worked with Graeme. He was very supportive and built my training plan around my personal needs. And he always took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve, adapting my programme as we progressed.

I began to enjoy the training sessions and regular exercise is now a part of my life. It definitely helped to workout in a private studio devoid of judgement. This helped me gain confidence in a gym environment. And it also helped not to have to worry about other people seeing me in a sweaty heap on the floor!

Additionally, I’m now far more confident around nutrition. I know how to eat to feel fuller, have sustained energy and maintain a healthy weight. Being provided with advanced nutritional knowledge was key for me.

I started very unhealthy, but with every session came more encouragement. Step-by-step I moved closer to my goals, which I not only achieved but surpassed.

I’m very happy with my experience and results and will continue working with Graeme. I highly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone else looking to improve their health and quality of life.

Sarah, Actuary

I had never worked with a personal trainer before, so was a little apprehensive initially about the financial and time commitment and how effective it would be.

I really enjoyed the initial programme and have continued my training with Calum since. The private, 1-1 approach means I don’t feel self-conscious and can focus on my training.

Calum is always really helpful and encouraging. He tailors the workout to me and mixes it up to keep it interesting and challenging, even over the internet during the lockdown. I no longer dread going to the gym!

I have lost weight and toned up a lot since starting my training. Also, my persistent shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all day long has considerably reduced and my posture improved.

I would definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for personal training in Edinburgh to improve their fitness and get in shape.

Luke, Logistics Manager

After 20 years of no exercise and eating whatever I liked, I found myself with a poor level of fitness and unable to play with my 3 young children without getting out of breath.

In addition, as a result of my bad eating habits, I found myself gaining weight and I knew I needed to make a change.

At age 35 I was aware that if I left the decision to make changes any longer it was going to become exceptionally difficult, and following a recommendation for Luke Bremner Fitness from a friend, I decided to get in touch.

Initially, I was apprehensive about investing for financial reasons, but after going to the studio and finding a friendly and professional team ready to tailor my training programme to suit my needs and goals, I decided to go for it.

During the programme I found my fitness and endurance levels increased very quickly. I lost weight consistently and gained knowledge and understanding of how best to eat and exercise to achieve my goals.

All sessions were private and 1-2-1 with my coach, and I found them to be non-judgemental, flexible and highly motivating and encouraging; all notable benefits of training at Luke Bremner Fitness.

From my initial meeting right through to the end of the programme I felt that all the staff had a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals.  Everyone was very helpful and encouraging and the service provided is very professional, personalised, easy to access and great value.

Training with Luke Bremner Fitness is easily the best decision I have ever made relating to my health and fitness!

Not only have I have achieved my weight loss goals and greatly improved my fitness and health, but my habits and attitudes as to how I treat and look after my body have totally changed for the better.

I now feel confident how to eat properly and train properly to maintain my progress in the long run. I don’t think I can emphasize strongly enough how transformational this training programme has been!

Katherine, HR Consultant

Joining Luke Bremner Fitness was the best decision I could have made for my health.

I’ve never felt very comfortable exercising in gyms before. I find they can be intimidating and I feel self-conscious as I don’t really know what I’m doing.

So, the private studio approach offered by Luke Bremner Fitness was incredibly appealing and what first attracted me.

The privacy made me far more comfortable exercising, and the tailored approach meant my coach gave me all the help I needed…

Not just with my exercise programme, but also around my nutrition, lifestyle and general self-confidence.

After 6 months, I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been. And perhaps most importantly, my energy levels are through the roof as my coach helped me eliminate foods I was intolerant to.

I can’t recommend the LBF team highly enough. They are incredibly professional, compassionate and experts at what they do.

Joe, Finance

I know it’s a cliché, but I would describe my experience at LBF as “life-changing”.

I was initially apprehensive about the financial investment as it was a bit stretch for me.

But I knew I had to make a change in my life. My career was taking priority over my health and I was suffering as a result.

I was rapidly gaining weight, especially around my mid-section, my posture was terrible and my body was achy.

So after meeting with Luke at the initial consultation and being impressed with the facilities and the LBF approach, I decided to go for it.

And I’m really glad I did. My coach Keith was very patient and created a programme that was perfectly suited to my needs.

As the weeks went by I got progressively stronger and was losing weight consistently (as you can see from my before/after picture).

I’m down over 1 stone, my posture has significantly improved and my aching neck and back are no longer a problem.

I feel and look 10 years younger and can’t thank Keith enough!

Derek, Business Owner

Derek is featured in the video testimonials above. You can scroll up and watch his full review there.

Text-Based Testimonials

Reena, Doctor

I wanted to lose weight and I lacked motivation, so I contacted Luke Bremner Fitness in the hopes of working with someone to get me into a routine and help with my nutrition.

I worked with Dan, who has great experience and made training very enjoyable, especially given the lockdown restrictions.

Coach Dan is absolutely brilliant – the only reason I stopped is because I moved back home to London. Dan designs a programme suited to each individual and looks at the entirety of the person. He also gives important nutritional information and kept talking to me about it so it was always in my mind.

Dan is a great asset – he cares about each person he trains, he keeps repeating himself so it sticks and he is constantly improving himself so it improves our training.

Absolutely 5 stars!

I now have better posture, flexibility, and stamina – and I even learned boxing, which I love!

I highly recommend Dan and Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for professional and private one-to-one personal training in Edinburgh.

Paul, Business Owner

Before working with my Luke Bremner Fitness coach Calum, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. My diet was completely off and I’d been sedentary for months.

Originally I was worried that my incredibly busy work schedule would impede my ability to make it into my sessions. But Calum was always so flexible and understanding.

Having worked with personal trainers all over the world, I’ve never come across someone as talented as Calum. His knowledge of body systems, exercises, and functional mobility was honestly the best I’ve ever experienced.

On top of that Calum had such a great personality that it made the sessions not only effective in terms of fitness goals but absolutely enjoyable as well.

By the end of my time with Calum, I was sleeping like a rock for the first time in a long time, I was eating much more healthily and my strength increased so much.

I felt lighter on my feet, I had so much more energy during the day that I’d almost cut out coffee entirely. (I used to live on the stuff just to make it through the day).

Clothes are fitting better than ever and I just feel confident going through my workday.

I need to travel frequently, but if there was a way to travel with Calum, I’d take him with me on all my trips. The service overall from Luke Bremner Fitness is just so friendly and approachable. Luke and the team treat you like a valued team member, not a number on a spreadsheet – and I really appreciate that.

I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend working with Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering personal training in Edinburgh.

Jill, Surgeon

I contacted Luke Bremner Fitness because I wanted to improve my muscle tone, posture and overall fitness.

As a surgeon, I often spend all day operating and find that my back and shoulders can be very painful.

I also wanted to make a conscious effort to get and hopefully stay fit to try and prevent issues in the future.

Starting personal training with my coach Dan has been one of the best things I have done in 2020. My back pain is actually gone!!! And my posture is noticeably improved.

Dan has helped build my core strength, thereby curing my back pain and improving my posture. I still have a lot further I want to go and I know Dan will help me achieve my goals.

Dan is a fabulous trainer and really understands the anatomy, physiology and pathology required to be a truly professional trainer.

I highly recommend Dan and Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for professional and private one-to-one personal training in Edinburgh.

Alexander, Self-Employed

I would imagine that the Luke Bremner Fitness studio is the best of its kind in Edinburgh, or possibly even Scotland!

I’ve recently finished my initial 12-week programme with Alex and had a very professional experience throughout.

It’s evident that the team’s knowledge and understanding of how to help clients achieve their health & fitness goals is very high and I’m pleased to say I achieved the goals Alex and I set out together.

My whole experience with Luke Bremner Fitness has been first-class. It’s an outstanding service which can be completely relied upon and I look forward to continuing to work with Alex long-term.

Susan, Lawyer

I had previously worked with personal trainers, but I didn’t feel listened to. It was as if I was going through the motions, completing programs that suited the trainers rather than myself.

So I started the 12-week programme with Luke Bremner Fitness following a recommendation from a friend, and after just a few short months my mobility, flexibility and strength (particularly core strength) has seen a great improvement.

My coach Alice is kind, encouraging, laid back and good at her job. I’ve found the service to be of high quality in not only helping me to get fit, but to keep fit and healthy. Alice works with me to create programs that I find stimulating, challenging and in line with how far I want to take my fitness.

I would highly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness as I have felt encouraged and supported, with proper advice from coaches who really listen to me and focus on what I am doing and why.

Kenny, Retailer

When I applied to Luke Bremner Fitness for personal training, I wanted to find out more about working on my body strength in specific areas as I had started to experience pain due to health reasons.

My trainer Alex’s methods of personal training are fantastic. When I started working with him, I had very restricted movement in both shoulders – from years of neglect, and previous sports injuries.

This had got to the stage where I, more often than not, needed assistance with getting a coat or jacket on.

After working with Alex for just 3 months, I have almost complete mobility back in my right shoulder and arm and around 90% in the left. The change is remarkable.

As well as those specific changes, my overall mobility, posture and strength have increased significantly, which has had an excellent effect on my overall health and wellbeing. I can now put coats on again without thinking about or fearing it!

I’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering private personal training in Edinburgh. With a plan built around my unique circumstances, excellent identification of issues with body weakness and a path to correcting and setting them right, and a thoughtful and holistic approach that I enjoy immensely.

You can find out more about our programmes here.

Clare, Administrator

This is just a message to say thank you to Luke Bremner Fitness for a great year of personal training with Alex.

I turned 40 last April and decided to improve my fitness and I’m 100% glad I chose your personal training service.

From the initial point of contact with Sam, the call with Luke and the sessions with Alex, it has all been extremely professional.

I’ve always had confidence in Alex’s professional ability and his kindheartedness and positive nature has been really good.

I can visibly see the changes in my body and friends and family have remarked on this as well.

I just wanted to send this message to say how much I enjoy training at Luke Bremner Fitness and the positive difference he has made in my life.

Chris & Emma, Estate Agents

Before we contacted Luke Bremner Fitness about working with a personal trainer, we had a gym membership and went to classes, but were still struggling to reach our weight loss goals on our own.

We felt we needed the inspiration to learn new exercises to not only help us to achieve our short-term goals, but also become a way of life for the long term.

Luke Bremner Fitness has been a wonderful experience, from our initial introduction to our last session, we have felt supported throughout the whole process.

Our coach was Duncan, who is a true asset to the team, providing well-rounded knowledge and experience as well as technical ability, whilst giving us the confidence to train independently going forward.

He has assisted in work-related postural issues and rehabilitation of injuries, whilst giving solid nutrition and lifestyle coaching advice.

We’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness. The 12-week programme has given us the motivation to train smarter, harder and more efficiently to achieve our goals.

Harry, Cybersecurity Consultant

Before applying to work with Luke Bremner Fitness, some of the concerns I had when I was considering personal training were the financial and time implications as well as the possibility of physically stepping outside of my comfort zone.

However, what I found after working with my trainer Calum was improved motivation surrounding exercise and diet, and willingness (not discomfort!) to do physical activity that pushed me.

I found the private, 1-1 approach with really positive interaction gave me the space to build my confidence whilst improving my fitness, unlike public gyms, which I have unfortunately found can be intimidating and unfriendly.

I’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering private personal training in Edinburgh. The training, encouragement, flexible approach, friendly staff and competent instruction have led me to happily continue with their service on an ongoing basis.

Evelyn & Brett, Self-Employed & CEO

Since moving to Edinburgh 4 years previous to starting with Luke Bremner Fitness, we had adopted some bad habits with regard to our health and fitness, gaining weight and losing some of the fitness and strength that we had previously achieved.

With the cross-Forth swim on the horizon within several months, we wanted to change our relationship with the bad habits we had developed, improving our health and fitness specifically with our swimming and surfing in mind.

Within these months, we’ve both made real progress both in terms of losing body fat and becoming fitter and stronger. The compelling factor for us in working with Luke Bremner Fitness was the holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, focusing on diet and fitness. It was very important for us to achieve not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind as part of the coaching.

Our coach Graeme has been brilliant to work with and has really tailored an effective programme to fit our goals and objectives. Regular measurements have both kept us accountable and encouraged us. We’ve been able to work out timings that suit our need for flexibility, and on occasions where we’ve needed to make a change, it’s been easily accommodated.

We’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness. The 12-week programme has helped us to make positive and sustainable changes to our overall fitness and health and we’ve had fun in the process.

Graham, Head of Global Service

Having tried many options to improve my health, such as short-term dieting, gym memberships and some exercise courses that produced no long-term benefits, I got in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness for one on one coaching.

I found the private aspect of the studio to be excellent, and after a short time working with my coach Graeme, my mindset changed. I learned that improving my health was not all about exercise (although that formed a large part of it).

I learned how to eat properly, how my body responded to food and when to eat certain food groups. My body shape changed, not just losing weight but gaining strength and muscle.

What I like most about working with my coach was that it was not stereotypical personal training.

Graeme came at it with a more thoughtful and analytical approach, working over the first few weeks to tailor the starting point and setting realistic and achievable goals. The time spent discussing nutrition was very valuable and helpful.

The quality of the training was exceptional and Graeme provided an environment where I was really motivated to push hard towards my fitness goals. Being able to help in all aspects of fitness from the intricacies of techniques for exercises through to nutrition.

I made huge progress toward the goals we set out and this would not have been possible without the one-on-one sessions.

The results have been fantastic. The training is excellent, challenging and I have made tremendous progress in my fitness as a result.

Anna, Retired

I enjoy training at Luke Bremner Fitness with my coach Keith as the smaller private gym with 1-to-1 personal training enables a greater focus on my personal needs.

Without the constant interruption or waiting around for equipment typical of large commercial gyms,  I feel I get a lot more out of the sessions and don’t need to worry about feeling self-conscious around other gym users.

The quality of personal training at the studio is very high and as a result, I’ve managed to lose over 3 stone in weight, have improved my general fitness level and my nutrition is so much better than it was.

I also no longer suffer with back pain from a previous injury nearly as much as I did and I’m enjoying exercise for the first time in my life.

I would recommend Luke Bremner Fitness and my coach Keith to anyone thinking of working with a personal trainer without any hesitation.

Ali, Financial Services

After recently turning 30, it became apparent my fitness levels were at an all-time low and I was becoming increasingly overweight. I knew I needed to bite the bullet and take action, and following a recommendation from a colleague, I decided to get in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness.

Initially, I was apprehensive about starting personal training due to the significant investment, and also because I was unsure what to expect. However, the training programme exceeded my expectations as I began to notice and feel the benefits of training with Graeme, my coach, very quickly.

Graeme and I got along really well. He kept me motivated when I felt like I had nothing left to give, and helped me learn about the right exercise and nutrition principles for my particular lifestyle, fitness level and how best to work towards achieving my goals. All of this in combination massively helped me to meet my objectives.

I found that if I had previously gone to the gym I would not have any structure or idea of what I wanted to achieve. The programmes Graeme designed for me were personalised and delivered the exact results I wanted. Now when I go to the gym I am aware of exactly what to do and have consistency around it to maintain my progress on my own.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and would recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone. The benefits were both immediate and long-term as I now have the knowledge and capability to continue improving my fitness and weight loss.

Sarah, National Health Service

I originally started working with Keith – my Luke Bremner Fitness Coach – with the goals of losing weight and becoming fitter.

Before I started working with Keith, over the years I had often joined a gym/exercise classes but stopped going because I lost motivation. As this approach wasn’t working for me, I decided to try personal training instead, but I was concerned the same thing might happen and I was also worried I would be expected to do things that I couldn’t do.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Keith sits down with me regularly to review what want to achieve in the next few months and changes the programmes frequently to keep things fresh and interesting but also to challenge me.

He is very good at knowing when I’m ready to progress without pushing me beyond my capability and although the sessions are challenging I always feel much better for doing them.

Since working with Keith I have lost a lot of weight and as a result, I feel more confident physically and mentally; being more able to cope with the added stresses in my new job.

In addition, my diet has also greatly improved (I now know what to eat and when) and I feel a lot fitter, now being able to run 1/2 marathons compared to previously when I couldn’t run for the bus!

I really enjoy the sessions and think this is the best way for improving and keeping fit and healthy for me.

Ian, Business Owner

I was frustrated at being stuck at my current weight for years despite attempting to lose weight on numerous occasions and was becoming increasingly unhappy with my body shape.

I had no idea where to start and was confused about what I should be eating, how I should be exercising and what changes I needed to introduce into my lifestyle in order to make changes to my body shape. That’s why I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness for help.

I was initially a little apprehensive about getting started as I wasn’t sure what was involved in a personal training programme, but after meeting Luke at the initial consultation I felt more at ease as he explained everything to me in detail and make me feel more relaxed about the whole process.

After I started my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness and implemented the advice given to me by Luke and his team I quickly began to notice changes in the way I looked and felt.

In a relatively short space of time, I managed to lose a significant amount of weight to get back to my ‘ideal’ weight and I’m now also far more confident with my body shape as I develop tone and definition in my muscles.

As a busy business owner, I was surprised I was able to change my body shape so quickly. I feel that this is largely due to the coaching format Luke has created as we worked together to gradually build new healthy habits together rather than simply being bombarded with the ‘do this do that’ type approach that is so common these days. This approach works perfectly in my busy lifestyle.

I thoroughly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for a personal trainer in Edinburgh.

Laura, Business Owner

When I first started training at Luke Bremner Fitness I was very out of shape and not used to working out in a gym.

I was nervous and worried I’d feel insecure when faced with workouts, gym equipment and the environment in general.

However, Luke and his team helped me overcome these fears by being very supportive and encouraging and always pushing me to do my best in my workouts.

I even managed to exceed my own expectations in the gym and I felt so proud afterwards. The workouts were always varied so they never got boring and continued to inspire confidence in me as I got fitter.

I had initially begun working with Luke Bremner Fitness with the goal of losing weight and getting fitter to be able to go to the gym on my own with confidence and feel I have achieved my goals in all these areas.

Since starting, through the exercise programmes and coaching with my nutrition and lifestyle, I’ve lost weight (around 16lbs in total), feel much fitter and have the confidence to work out on my own and no longer fear sports or gyms.

Just a thank you – I’d recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their health and fitness and learn how to eat in a way that makes them feel energised and good about themselves, without being too restrictive.

Andrew, Lawyer

Before I started my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness I was concerned I was too unfit to train with a trainer.

I was worried I would not be able to do the exercises and get the results I wanted. I was also nervous that the training and nutritional changes would not work as so many things I had tried before had not worked.

After my first meetings with Luke and Keith, I felt much more positive about the challenges ahead and felt that my goals were achievable. By setting nutritional and fitness targets, the challenge seemed less daunting and the results felt instantaneous.

My first training session with Keith was relaxed and enjoyable. He has a great manner and continues to challenge me while making training sessions fun. I now look forward to going to the gym, which I never did before.

I had initially contacted Luke Bremner Fitness as I wanted to lose weight, tone up and generally look and feel better.

Since beginning my programme I had achieved all of the above and have successfully lost weight, and completely changed my body shape in a positive way.

I also feel healthier, more alert and more body confident and I also now sleep better and actually enjoy exercise and my training sessions.

I think what is on offer is a great product, with the support and encouragement that is required to set and achieve goals. The results have been better than I had hoped, and I continue to set different goals and targets with increased confidence that I will achieve them.

Lorna, Office Manager

Having lost 3 stone after my second child, I wasn’t sure I would get any more results as I had lost confidence in diets and exercise. I had also fallen into comfortable habits and it was just maintaining my post-baby body shape. I felt I couldn’t get out of that cycle myself.

Luke and his team have impressive nutritional expertise and quickly came to understand my key stumbling blocks and provided manageable steps I could implement slowly to make necessary changes to my diet and lifestyle. The small steps broke down the inertia that had stopped my progress.

Working at Luke Bremner Fitness I managed to meet my weight goal and improve my body shape. In addition I have gained a solid understanding of how to effectively manage my nutrition and what foods I should be eating and now have a completely different attitude to food without losing the enjoyment of eating.

This has given me the confidence to make small but significant changes to my diet and lifestyle which have transformed my attitude to food and greatly reduced my carb and sugar addiction. I now make different food group choices that positively impact my body shape and at the same time, I don’t deny myself the enjoyment of food. I consider the team at Luke Bremner Fitness to be experts in health and nutrition and their advice has paid off in inches lost.

Gillian, Business Owner

With only 8 weeks before my wedding, Luke transformed my posture, my body shape and my fitness level into the best condition I have ever been in!

Luke’s expert programme, tailored training methods and experience make all the difference – and it’s fun.

The long-term benefits have not only a physical impact but are hugely beneficial to my state of mind with each session making me feel alive and positive for the busy day ahead.

Having never used a personal trainer before I would highly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for a positive change.

Alasdair, Golf Professional

I went to Luke Bremner Fitness for advice on exercise and nutrition to help me strengthen my muscles and drop some weight around my mid-section.

Through the exercise programme and nutritional coaching I was given, my body shape completely changed, my muscles were more toned and I dropped inches from my waist.

Luke also took into consideration that I’m a professional golfer and included golf-specific exercises in my fitness programme which improved my posture, flexibility and strength – all which made a profound improvement to my game on the golf course.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Luke Bremner Fitness as a top personal training studio in Edinburgh.

Meredith, Property Management

I started working with Luke Bremner Fitness following a recommendation from a friend who had already been training there for a few months and was not only seeing great results, but also thoroughly enjoying her sessions.

I was already a keen runner and gym-goer and had a basic understanding of exercise and good nutrition, but simply wasn’t seeing the physical results I wanted in terms of muscle tone and weight loss.

I decided to get in touch with Luke for help in these areas.

The team at Luke Bremner Fitness were able to help me combine both nutritional knowledge & application with a variety of different resistance-based exercises in an exercise programme specifically tailored to my needs to help me achieve the results I had failed to achieve on my own.

The results have been (in my opinion) really exciting! I now have good overall strength and have lost weight in all the right places and will continue to improve even more in these areas by continuing to follow the programme.

The nutritional coaching has also been of great use. Exercise is one component in the effort to lose weight and build lean muscle but the other, perhaps even more important aspect of this goal, is to be aware of the foods I am consuming, and ensure that the foods I eat contribute to my ambitions, rather than counteracting them!

Caroline, NHS Manager

Since beginning my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness I’ve lost inches around my waist and hips feel much fitter, stronger and have more energy.

The exercise sessions are hard work but rewarding and I always feel great when I leave!

I also suffered from long-term back pain before I started working with Luke Bremner Fitness but that has now been completely resolved as Luke identified the problem and included corrective exercise techniques in my program to resolve it.

Kirsten, Finance HR Consultant

Luke is a great personal trainer and nutrition coach but the transformation coaching adds a far greater depth to the service he provides.

Through this coaching, Luke identified the root cause of issues that were preventing me from making progress in all areas of my life (not just in the gym).

After experiencing the power of this coaching I can honestly say I feel everyone could benefit from it and thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness – Personal Trainer Edinburgh, if you’re battling with ‘mindset’ issues that are affecting all areas of your life, not just your health and fitness.

Lynne, Consultant

Training sessions at Luke Bremner Fitness are effective, varied and enjoyable.

There is clearly a lot of thought and planning that goes into structuring each session for optimal benefit and to help meet individual’s goals.

I may be the one perspiring but it does feel like a joint effort – that we’re working together.

Thomas, HR

I believe a good personal trainer is worth their weight in gold.

Training at Luke Bremner Fitness has been amazing for me. My trainer, Alice has helped me to identify precisely which muscle groups were weak (or non-existent), created and then evolved a plan for me to strengthen those areas.

I had a lot more imbalances than I realised before I started training at Luke Bremner Fitness and likely would have made things worse by trying to fix things alone.

I like the complete privacy and concentration you can get working in the studio. I was initially worried it might be limiting without all the bells and whistles I was used to in a bigger gym but we use all of the equipment in all manner of ways.

I would definitely recommend training with Luke Bremner Fitness. I’ve built strength that I am certain I never would have achieved on my own or in a commercial gym.

Alice is a joy to work with and always enthusiastic, I look forward to every single session and I feel so much more educated on how to keep myself fit.

I can understand how my muscles work to keep good posture and what I can do to keep myself pain-free in the future.

Alison, Retired

It was with trepidation that I began my research into gyms in my local area. I had never used a gym before and had no idea of what I was really looking for, but what I did know was that I wanted to find a way to improve my fitness and my nutritional knowledge.

During my research, I found there were a large number of personal trainers in Edinburgh, but in the end, I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness.

What appealed to me about Luke Bremner Fitness was their willingness to look at me as an individual and create a programme tailored to my unique needs, rather than just treating me as ‘another number’.

This was confirmed during my initial meeting with Luke, who asked lots of questions, then he listened carefully to my responses, which was a refreshing change.

We spoke at length and Luke decided to pair me with Keith.

After each session, I left feeling good (but sweaty!) and I loved that I was worked hard! I learned so much, not just about how to move and strengthen my body but also an enormous amount about nutrition.

This was exactly the combination I was looking for and Keith has been a wonderful source of information and knowledge that I can now take forward and continue with for the rest of my life.

With Keith’s combination of positivity and gentle encouragement I slowly but surely made huge progress…. and I’ve not hit him too hard during the boxing! 🙂

I would without hesitation recommend Luke Bremner Fitness to anyone looking for that special personal touch. It truly is a life-changing experience. I’ve had a fabulous time and learned so much.

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