Studio Space For Hire Edinburgh

Current Space Available: Treatment Room / Office Space

Description: If you’re a self-employed health professional looking for space to rent to run your health business in the busy and bustling suburb of Stockbridge in central Edinburgh, this space could be ideal for you.

The room would be perfectly suited as a treatment room for a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, acupuncturist, osteopath, for example.

Depending on your needs (and requirements for infection control procedures) it may also be suitable to a variety of other therapists such as a Podiatrist, but this can be discussed if you are interested.

It could also be used as an office space if you predominantly provide coaching or consulting services.

In the past (before I took over the premises) the room has been used by a chiropractor and a physiotherapist on different occasions. Images of how the room was set up for those purposes are shown below:*

*Please note the room will require some basic decorating to bring it back to the standard shown in the photographs. The images are for illustrative purposes only so you can visualise the space and how it could be used.

The room is available within a private and well established personal training facility. Within the facility are 4 completely separate rooms; 3 of which are currently used for fitness and personal training.

This fourth room is currently not being used and is available more or less immediately, following some basic decorating works. The room is approximately 15.5m2 (165 sq ft) and is at the back of the building, providing the benefit of being quieter and more private than the others.

There is more than enough space to have a desk/working area and treatment bed with ample room left over for other purposes such as movement-based assessments without feeling cramped. You are welcome to bring in your own furniture and other items you need to ‘make it your own’.

Within the facility are 2 x WC’s, 2 x shower / changing rooms and a reception and waiting area which your patients or clients would be welcome to use. Equally you will be given access to the internet and can use the kitchenette area as part of your rental fee.

As you will be in an established personal training facility, the opportunity exists for cross-referring clients, and you will likely benefit from the many personal training clients who visit us on a weekly basis, who may wish to use your services.

Equally, I would be happy to advertise your services on our website, providing another avenue for acquiring new clients/patients.

That being said, we could not guarantee any referrals and therefore you should be running your business independently and actively promote your own business. I.e. you should not be reliant on us for clients/business.

The rental fee will be £500 pcm (+VAT) and I am open to discussing a rent free period depending on how much decorating of the room you wish to do on your own.

The ideal person for this room would be someone who is willing to integrate with the fitness team and be open to helping each other out for the overall well-being of our clients and to maintain the friendly and collaborative environment we have established at the studio.

Please get in touch if you are interested in potentially taking this space. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a meeting for you to visit the studio and see the space available.