I’ll Start Tomorrow…

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alarm‘David’ has great intentions.

At the end of every day, before bed, he tells himself the same story…”Tomorrow I’ll get up early, go to the gym and FINALLY kick start my new weight loss plan.”

The next morning 6.30am arrives and David is abruptly awoken by the dreaded alarm clock. Bleery eyed David fumbles around to hit the big red button.

SNOOZE…SNOOZE…SNOOZE… (We’ve all done it)

Finally coming to his senses, David realises it’s 7.30am and he no longer has time to go to the gym before work.

“No problem, I’ll pack my gym bag and go after work instead, problem solved.”

Feeling quite good about making this decision, David dashes about the house to get ready for work, mindlessly necking a double-shot americano and two slices of toast lathered in butter as he does so.

Off to work David goes and by 11am his stomach is growling like no-ones business. It’s nearly lunch time but he HAS to eat something. He’s getting ‘hangry’ (that’s a mixture of hungry/angry, by the way!).

No problem, a quick coffee and biscuit takes the edge off and sees him through to lunch.

FINALLY, 1pm and lunch break. David nips out to the local shop and grabs a sandwich, packet of crisps and a bottle of fizzy juice.

He proceeds to wolf this down whilst having a casual browse of the news websites and catching up on the weekend’s goings-on.

After a ‘proper’ meal, all is right in the world again.

But not so fast… it’s 3.30pm and the mid-afternoon sugar crash and slump hits hard. Need. To. Sleep…Not to fear, another coffee and David is back in business….nearly home time now.

Boom, 5.30pm and the working day is finished. Time to head home.

“Oh, shoot, the gym…”

David’s mind frantically searches for an excuse not to go to the gym…and decides that because  his favourite TV show is on tonight and he’s too tired after a hard and stressful day at the office that he’ll start tomorrow…

On his way home he grabs a quick microwave meal from the shop to save him the hassle of preparing a healthy meal. Home time at last…

After eating, David slumps on the coach, plays a little playstation and watches a little tv, all the while snacking on junk food. In fact. he probably eats more between 7-10pm than he does during the entire rest of the day.

No wonder he’s gaining weight at an alarming rate. It’s ok though – he’s going to the gym tomorrow….

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, ‘David’ is simply a metaphor for the modern man. Perhaps you are a DAVID too?

Breaking the ‘Cycle of David’ is no easy feat.

In fact, the reactive life of grabbing fast food when you’re hungry, skipping the gym, putting work first, high stress, poor sleep and generally not looking after yourself is highly prevalent in today’s society.

If you’re being a David, when will this change? When will you break the cycle and start putting yourself first?

Here at Luke Bremner Fitness, we specialise in helping people just like you to break the cycle and create your own brand new ‘healthy’ cycle – to live a healthier life with more energy, less stress and a body you can be proud of.

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