I wanted to lose weight and I lacked motivation, so I contacted Luke Bremner Fitness in the hopes of working with someone to get me into a routine and help with my nutrition.

I worked with Dan, who has great experience and made training very enjoyable, especially given the lockdown restrictions.

Coach Dan is absolutely brilliant – the only reason I stopped is because I moved back home to London. Dan designs a programme suited to each individual and looks at the entirety of the person. He also gives important nutritional information and kept talking to me about it so it was always in my mind.

Dan is a great asset – he cares about each person he trains, he keeps repeating himself so it sticks and he is constantly improving himself so it improves our training.

Absolutely 5 stars!

I now have better posture, flexibility, and stamina – and I even learned boxing, which I love!

I highly recommend Dan and Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone looking for professional and private one-to-one personal training in Edinburgh.