“The AIM Method”

Our Signature 12-Week Transformation Programme for Edinburgh Residents who are Fed Up & Unhappy being Overweight, Unhealthy, Unfit & Tired and are Ready to Commit to Becoming Fit & Healthy for Life.

One Method. One Programme. Life-Changing Results.

The AIM Method is our primary offering here at Luke Bremner Fitness…

A holistic and comprehensive three step 12-week personal training programme, designed specifically for busy professionals.

A proven framework that’s highly effective and has helped over 500 people improve their quality of life.

A process that’s fully customised to meet your individual goals and requirements…

And a method that’s unique to Luke Bremner Fitness, delivered in our private studio gyms.

You can view the AIM Method overview below:

Luke Bremner Fitness - Personal Trainer Edinburgh - Aim Method Diagram

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In a fitness industry that’s full of FADs and quick-fix ‘tactics’, we do things differently.

Our approach is based on gradually creating sustainable healthy habits for life-long change.

Which we achieve using the 3 simple but highly effective steps of our AIM Method framework:


So, if you’re stressed, low on energy, gaining weight and feeling much less than your best…

If you’re fed up with the constant bombardment of confusing health and fitness information…

And if you’re ready to commit to a proven method that’s already helped over 500 people?

Then you’ve come to the right place.


We use our ‘4 pillars of transformation’ to help our clients improve their quality of life…

Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Mindset.

We’ve ‘wrapped-up’ these pillars inside our 12-week AIM Method framework to deliver powerful results.

Here’s a complete video overview (26 mins) of how it works – best viewed full-screen.

Or, if you prefer to read, there’s a full overview in text provided below the video.


We use detailed assessments to create a bespoke strategy to help you achieve your goals:

1. Identify Your Starting Point

We start by understanding your goals, body type, fitness level, nutrition, injury status and exercise experience.

This means we can create a safe and specific programme that matches your starting point.

2. Prepare For Change

Following the initial assessments, we make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming habit changes.

We identify any obstacles to your progress and develop the mindset to overcome these.

3. Develop The Strategy

Finally, we create a strategy that will help you achieve your goals, involving exercise, nutrition & lifestyle.

A strategy that will deliver results while considering your individual needs and lifestyle.


We’ll implement the strategy to help you make changes using our habit-building process:

1. Tailored Exercise Programme

A carefully crafted exercise programme to help improve your body shape, strength, fitness and posture.

We’ll encourage you to work hard and make consistent progress but never push you beyond your limits.

2. Custom Nutrition Advice

We’ll help you implement healthy nutritional habits to improve your energy and lose any unwanted weight.

We’ll guide you to make sensible nutrition choices while maintaining a varied, enjoyable diet.

3. Realistic Lifestyle Change

In addition to exercise and nutrition, we’ll help you make realistic changes outside the gym in your lifestyle.

This involves guidance for managing stress, improving sleep and staying active outside the gym.


We measure your progress regularly to make sure you’re moving towards your goals, consistently:

1. Review Your Progress

We schedule regular success sessions to make sure we’re on the right track.

We’ll review your measurements and use evaluations to support you where you need it.

2. Adapt & Improve

We’ll adapt & improve your programme to make sure you’re making consistent progress.

These strategy improvements are how we help you keep moving forwards towards your goals.

3. Achieve Your Goals

We’re fully committed to helping you achieve all the goals we set together at the outset.

By our proven AIM Method framework, we’ll successfully get there together.


We’ll guide you through this proven framework to help you:

  • Lose weight and tighten and tone your muscles to completely change your body shape.
  • Improve your general health and well-being through our nutrition and exercise coaching.
  • Improve your quality of life through stress reduction, better sleep and increased energy.
  • Fit comfortably into your favourite clothes that you’ve been dying to get back into.
  • Improve your mobility, posture & strength to help you overcome injuries, aches and pains.
  • Educate and empower so you fully understand the principles of living a healthy lifestyle.

…so you can:

  • Achieve your ideal body shape, feel more attractive and wear your favourite clothes.
  • Reduce your risk of illness/morbidity through improved cardiovascular health.
  • Benefit from a happier and more enjoyable quality of life and improved mental health.
  • Feel far more confident about your physical appearance and eliminate self-consciousness.
  • Play with the kids, explore new hobbies or sports without worrying about injuring yourself.
  • Become a role model to those around you by committing to a new healthy way of life.

Just Like Many Other Clients We’ve Helped:

Great results by our coaches and clients!

But, our personal training is about more than just helping you to look better.

Yes, that’s important, but our mission is to improve your health and quality of life for the long-term

Not just your physical appearance.

And that’s why we recommend you have a read through the testimonials on our success stories page too.

There, you can learn far more about the changes we’ve helped our clients achieve.


Our AIM Method programme is for those of you who are frustrated at being unfit and unhealthy…

Who have prioritised your career at the expense of your health and are ready to regain control of your health and improve your quality of life.

And whether you’re completely new to exercise and healthy living or have some prior experience, our coaching is set up for you as an individual.

As our spaces are limited right now, we’re taking on new clients by application only.

Which helps us ensure we’re the right people to help you achieve your goals…

And equally that you’re ready to commit to the programme and take action.

So please only apply if you’re ready to invest in yourself and make changes in your life over the next 12 weeks.

The information on the pricing options and how to apply for your place can be found below:


Our AIM Method is a 12-week transformation programme.

We have two different options for joining this programme:

These prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20% and represent the monthly payment for the specified option.

You’re welcome to choose whatever option best suits your needs. If you’re not sure? We’ll help you choose the most suitable option at your initial consultation based on your goals, availability and monthly budget.

And, you’ll receive the same level of service regardless of which option you choose.

After the initial 12 weeks, you’re welcome to continue working with your coach on a month-to-month basis, as many of our clients do.


The AIM Method:

  • Is a holistic approach involving exercise, nutrition, lifestyle & mindset coaching.
  • Is highly customised to you individually to match your unique requirements.
  • Has on-going support to keep you focused & on-track between sessions.
  • Is a practical framework based on proven methods to deliver predictable results.

If you’d like to join, we offer an initial consultation to discuss everything with you.

This gives you a chance to visit the studio and meet a member of the team.

And we can tell you more about the AIM Method and answer any questions you have.

We want to make sure it’s the right programme to help you achieve your goals.

You can apply for your your consultation by clicking the button below: