At Luke Bremner Fitness, our vision is to become the trusted “go-to” personal training service provider in Edinburgh. Everything we do within the company is in line with this vision.

This isn’t about trying to oust our competition. Rather, it’s about delivering the best possible results and experience to each and every one of our valued clients.

We believe we’re gradually but consistently moving towards this vision by:

  • Committing to excellence in our service and ensuring we only have highly experienced, passionate and skilled coaches within our team.
  • Continuing to utilise a strictly 1-to-1 personal training service so we can provide 100% individualised attention to you*.
  • Ensuring all our services are delivered within our private personal training facilities as opposed to crowded gyms.
  • Continually improving our skills and knowledge as personal trainers and coaches to better help you achieve outstanding results.

(*we do still welcome couples who wish to train together)

We also believe our unique approach is what has allowed us to help hundreds of clients achieve their health & fitness related goals and build a strong reputation in Edinburgh for our services.

We’re working hard to redefine personal training with our unique approach…

Moving away from the dated models of focusing on exercise alone, which very rarely works to deliver true transformational results.

And instead, utilising a far more comprehensive coaching process to help you make positive changes in all the areas of your life.

This Includes:


We aim to firstly identify the why behind your goals, taking time to properly understand you, your needs and exactly what it is you want to achieve when working with us.

We then use this information to help you build lasting motivation and commitment to your goals which is highly important in ensuring your success.

In certain cases, our mindset work can also extend to stress and anxiety management, which many of our clients struggle with.


With new diet plans appearing every other week, we’re not surprised most people become overwhelmed and feel lost, confused and frustrated about what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

With this in mind, we utilise a nutritional coaching method that greatly simplifies the entire process of making changes to your eating habits. We focus on gradually introducing new healthy habits, one at a time and at a pace you can handle.

We’ve found this method to be very successful in helping our clients to make continuous but gradual changes to their nutrition to support their goals and improve the way they look and feel.


Although we focus on 4 different areas in our coaching process, there is no denying purposeful exercise is fundamental in transforming your body.

During the initial sessions together, we complete a series of assessments to fully understand your individual body type and the way you move so we can design a unique exercise programme for you based upon your current fitness level, ability and injury status.

We also endeavour to correct any muscular imbalances, improve posture and mobility and encourage healing of injuries and aches & pains (sometimes with the input from our partner physiotherapists or massage therapists) along the way.

It is part of our job to motivate you to get the most out of your workouts but we’ll never make you do anything beyond your capabilities.


You’ll need to make changes to your lifestyle in order to be successful in achieving your goals.

This will likely include improving your sleep, minimising stress, and reducing your exposure to environmental toxins (don’t worry, we’ll explain all!).

We also have specialists on hand to help you in these areas, if you require.

We don’t expect you to give up your social life and become teetotal; we’ll show you how to achieve the correct balance.

You can read the success stories of many clients we’ve helped using this approach by clicking here.

Throughout the entire process, we strive to continually educate you every step of the way…

So when you’ve finished your programme you can leave feeling 100% confident that you can maintain, or perhaps even continue to improve upon, the progress you make working with us.

Finally, we have created a welcoming, friendly and non-intimidating environment in our two private personal training studios in Edinburgh.

We know that gyms can be intimidating places so we do our utmost to make our studios as welcoming as possible.

We’ve also set everything up so that even those of you who have zero gym experience can feel relaxed and comfortable here at Luke Bremner Fitness.

If this approach resonates with you, you’re welcome to book in for your complimentary consultation with a member of our team so we can discuss your goals with you in more depth and explore our various programme options to help you achieve them.

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