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What Is Intuitive Nutrition?

It is what I call tuning in to the way certain foods make you feel so that you can optimise your nutrition to feel your best and, if it is a goal of yours, lose weight as well.

I truly believe that following this approach and finding, through experimentation, the right nutrition plan for you is the only way to achieve results in the long term. These days there are literately tens of thousands of different dietary approaches (as we touch on in this article, The Secret Truths Behind Every Diet) and you will find as much research for that that approach as against it.

Take for example the ketogenic diet.

There are as many studies for that saying this is the holy grail of nutrition, and the way everyone should be eating as there are against it saying no, it is dangerous, it can damage you – don’t do it.

So if this is what the science is saying and everybody is arguing about it, how are we supposed to know what to eat and what is right for us?

It is really evident that so many people are confused about nutrition – they just don’t know what eating plan to follow. If you are struggling with that, here’s How To Create The Perfect Weight-Loss Meal.

I quite often get asked “what are the best things to eat to help me lose weight?”

The honest answer is, the best things to eat are the foods that work for you to help you lose weight and there really is no other way about it. Yes, you could follow a nutrition plan that you buy or read about in a book or on the internet but there is no guarantees that it will work for you.

Just because it has worked for the individual who is selling that programme doesn’t mean it will work for you because there is not that component of individualisation. We use this concept of individualisation with all of our clients here at the studio by getting them to write down what they are eating, assessing how that working, gaining some feedback and then testing it and tweaking it until we see consistent progress and find a strategy that works for them.

That is what I am going to explain to you today through this concept called intuitive nutrition. This is what I do myself so that I am optimising my nutrition. It is an ongoing process and does require some work but it is in my opinion the best way for long term benefits.

How Does Intuitive Nutrition Work?

It revolves around the use of a food diary. You just take a note pad and simply just start writing down everything you are eating on a daily basis. But I want to take it one step further and also start writing down how you are feeling on a daily basis as a result of eating those certain foods.

Now I know there are a lot of things that can influence your mood and your energy and the way you are feeling on a daily basis. So it really is important that you start to get in tune with yourself and with your own body so that we can figure out the impact that food is having on you and the way you feel in terms of your mood and everything that I just mentioned before.

Let’s use an example here: Say it’s lunchtime and you nip up the road to Sainsbury’s and get a sandwich for lunch. Then you write it down, “prawn and mayonnaise sandwich from Sainsbury’s”, then I might start to tune in to that and maybe mid-afternoon or maybe about an hour afterwards I might start to feel a bit heavier, a bit sluggish or a bit bloated or feel a bit of discomfort within myself. Most people would just ignore that and just crack on with their day but for me I don’t like to accept that’s just how I am feeling.

I may ask myself questions such as:

“How can I feel better?”

“What have I done that has made me feel this way?”

So this is where the concept of intuitive nutrition comes in. I would write down in the dairy – “started to feel a bit sluggish, a bit heavy at 2pm”. Then look at 1pm and say that’s when I had the sandwich so could that have something to do with this feeling? Probably, yes.

So I know it could be any component of that sandwich that made me not feel great. Could it be the prawn? Could it be the mayonnaise? Yes. But the most likely culprit is most probably the bread.

When reviewing my food diary at the end of the day, when did I not feel great? What did I eat before that? 

Tomorrow, what am I going to do? I could try having a sandwich again with a different filling. That would rule out the prawn and the mayonnaise. If I still feel that sluggish way in that afternoon then it’s definitely bread.

So what am I going to do? Avoid bread altogether for lunch. Have something else for lunch, say, protein – chicken breast with sweet potatoes and vegetables instead of buying processed food like a sandwich or a wrap.

Then you can again question “how am I feeling today?” Actually I feel fine. I’ve got a lot more energy. I am not feeling that bloated, sluggish discomfort. Great.

I’ve used this concept of intuitive nutrition to know that actually on the whole, bread doesn’t make me feel good. So going forward I am going to eliminate bread and find an alternative such as sweet potatoes.

When else do I not feel great in the day? After my evening meal I just feel heavy and just want to pig out on the couch – I get cravings. What have I had for my evening meal? Are there any clues here?

So you can start to see how this process works. It’s not easy by any means. You have to take your time and tune in. It’s a process of elimination to optimise your diet.

Stress To The Body

I believe that’s really important because not only will you feel much better, but every time you don’t feel great, as I described after eating that imaginary sandwich, then that is stress to your body. You are putting food inside your body that your body doesn’t want.

So if your digestive system is unhappy then it is a stress to the body and that can actually stop the weight loss process and make it harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight. Read more on that in our article, Is Your Digestive System To Blame For Your Lack Of Weight Loss?

Any stress to the body, and I do mean prolonged and excessive stress to the body, is bad when it comes to weight loss and feeling your best. So just refine that process over time, find out what food works for you, eliminate the ones that don’t.

You will have more energy, you will feel much better, and then everything will start to fall into place much more easily when it comes to optimising your health.

Like I said before, if losing weight is one of your goals, I believe it is a very powerful process. It worked wonders for me and many of the clients we work with here at the studios.

You can get started today by just writing down the foods you are eating and how you are feeling.

Believe us when we say we completely understand how difficult weight loss can be. The Luke Bremner Fitness team have worked with hundreds of clients who initially found weight loss difficult challenging, as you may be now.

If you are currently struggling to lose weight and are unsure where you’re going wrong, perhaps we can help. We appreciate losing weight and improving your health can be overwhelming and confusing.

By breaking it down in to simple, actionable steps that are achievable, we can help, just like we have with the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with – many of whom you can read about here.

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