But Not As You Know It…

We’ve Gone Digital. Our Life-Improving Health & Body Transformation Programmes Are Now Available Online!


We’ve adapted our ‘in-person’ coaching frameworks so we can now provide online personal training.

To help you lose weight, improve your health & fitness and live a healthier & happier life…

Regardless of where you live in the world.

We’re aware that online personal training has become very popular in recent years…

But we’re also aware many online personal training services are highly ineffective.

Why? Because all too often you’ll only be given a generic exercise and nutrition plan to follow.

There’s usually no consideration of your individual unique requirements…

There’s typically no coaching to help you change your habits and mindset…

And there’s very little extra support given so you’re left to fend for yourself…

That’s exactly why we do things a little differently…


With the clients we see in person at our Edinburgh studios, we follow our AIM Method framework.

A comprehensive framework that’s completely tailored to every client.

A coaching-centred approach to help you gradually build new habits for long-term change.

And a proven process that’s already helped over 600 people achieve their health goals.

We’ve adapted this framework so we can now deliver it online.

And provide the exact same life-changing results as those we work with in person.

This is not your typical approach to online personal training. Far from it.

Rather, it’s a high-level online coaching programme, and here’s how it works:


Our online coaching is completely tailored to you as a unique individual.

Depending on your goal, your coaching programme will last from 3-12 months…

And is designed to completely transform your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

We’re focused on helping you to make the changes in your life that will lead to life-long change.

You’ll receive your unique exercise plan through our bespoke mobile app.

You’ll have access to your coach to ask questions and receive support, guidance, accountability and feedback.

And most importantly, you’ll have a 60-minute fortnightly coaching call with your coach…

Which will collectively make sure you’re moving forwards by setting weekly targets and building new habits.

Here’s A Summary Of What You’ll Get:


We’ll use detailed assessments to establish your goals, health status, fitness levels and starting point.

We’ll also have a video call to complete our movement screen and observe how you move.

We use this information to ensure your exercise programme is highly specific to you.


We’ll craft a detailed exercise programme with the correct exercises for your body type and fitness level.

You can access your programme online, complete with video tutorials to aid your technique.

Regular updates to your programme will ensure you’re becoming fitter, stronger, injury free and more toned.


Often missing in online personal training, we include custom nutrition coaching in our online service.

We’ll analyse your food and drink intake either through online forms or using an app such as MyFitnessPal.

We then provide specific nutritional guidelines to help you achieve your weight loss / body shape goals.


In addition to your exercise plan and nutrition coaching, we’ll help you make realistic lifestyle changes.

We’ll strive to help you better manage stress, improve your sleep and get you moving more outside the gym.

Making these additional changes add up to a healthier, happier quality of life – both mentally and physically.


We’ll be regularly monitoring your progress by repeating the assessments we did at the beginning.

This allows us to establish if you’re progressing towards your goals, or how we can better support you if not.

We do this together so you’re fully involved in the process and happy with the programme & your progress.


You’ll have a personal coach who you’ll have regular contact with and a weekly or fortnightly video call.

And should you have questions or need any extra support between calls? We’re there for you.

Even though this is online, we’ve made this as personal as we can to ensure your success in achieving your goals.

Or, if you prefer to watch, here’s a short video overview of our online personal training process:


Our comprehensive online personal training will help you:

  • Lose weight and tighten and tone your muscles to completely change your body shape.
  • Improve your general health and well-being through our nutrition and exercise coaching.
  • Live a happier quality of life through stress reduction, better sleep and increased energy.
  • Fit more comfortably into those favourite clothes you’ve been desperate to get back into.
  • Improve your mobility, posture & strength to help you overcome injuries, aches and pains.
  • Educate and empower so you fully understand the principles of living a healthy lifestyle.

…so you can:

  • Achieve your desired body shape, feel more attractive and wear your favourite clothes.
  • Reduce your risk of illness/morbidity through improved cardiovascular health.
  • Benefit from a healthier and more enjoyable quality of life and improved mental health.
  • Feel far more confident about your physical appearance and reduce self-consciousness.
  • Play with the kids, explore new hobbies or sports without worrying about injuring yourself.
  • Become a role model to those around you by committing to living a new healthier life.

Here are a few ‘before & after’ pictures from people who have been through our coaching process:

You can also visit our success stories page for the full stories of those we’ve helped…

Here are a few ‘before & after’ pictures from people who have been through our coaching process:

You can also visit our success stories page for the full stories of those we’ve helped…


Our online training is for those of you who want a customised health plan that works around your lifestyle.

Perhaps you don’t have access to a local gym, personal trainer or other fitness facilities?

Maybe you do but work and other commitments stop you going as much as you should?

Or maybe you’ve heard good things about Luke Bremner Fitness but don’t live locally?

If any of those are true then our online programmes could be perfect for you.

Especially for those who understand the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply doesn’t work.

Our online coaching can help you lose weight, improve your body shape and live a healthier life…

Regardless of where you live or how much time you have to commit to your health.


Our online coaching is not for everyone. It’s only for those truly committed to change and willing to invest in high-level coaching.

We work very closely with our clients to deliver safe and sustainable life-changing results…

So it’s very important that we ‘click’ and are a good fit to work together.

And that’s why we offer a free and no-obligation initial consultation.

This helps us find out more about you and your goals and answer your online personal training questions.

If, after the consultation, it seems like we’ll be a good fit to work together? We can talk about the best way to proceed.

We create customised health coaching programmes that last from 3-12 months, depending on your goal.

Here’s a breakdown of the investment options:







*Please note the prices quoted are for the monthly investment for the specified programme duration and are inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

You’ll receive the same level of service regardless of which option you choose.

And, you can continue working with us after your initial programme ends, if you wish, as most clients do.


Our Online Personal Training:

  • Is delivered 100% online through video calls, email and our bespoke mobile app.
  • Follows exactly the same coaching frameworks as we use with our ‘in-person’ clients.
  • Is completely tailored to you as an individual to meet your unique requirements.
  • Has on-going support, guidance and fortnightly coaching calls to help you succeed.

If you’d like to join, we offer an initial online consultation to discuss everything with you.

This gives us a chance to get to know you and understand more about your goals.

And we can tell you more about our online personal training and answer your questions.

We want to make sure our online coaching is a good fit to help you achieve your goals.

You can apply for your consultation by clicking the button below now: