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The question I am going to answer in today’s video blog is a really important question. It’s something I know many people are struggling with:

“I have tried so many different plans to help me lose weight but nothing seems to work – what do you recommend?”

The person who asked this question has tried so many different diet plans, exercise classes, various different supplements and followed the advice of various different ‘experts’ on YouTube.

She feels she has tried everything and anything to help her lose weight but she was not managing to make progress.

So what can she do?

I am going to explain why I believe that so many people seem to struggle when starting their journey to lose weight.

The answer to this question actually lies within the question itself…

To be blunt, the reason this lady is not achieving results is because she keeps jumping from one thing to another. It’s not unusual for people to follow one strategy for a matter of weeks before moving on to the next because they’re not seeing immediate results.

Your poor body has no idea what is going on.

Because you are frequently changing your exercise and nutrition habits your body just never gets a chance to adapt.

The frequent change and lack of consistency has an impact on the way your body functions, so it is no surprise that you are not able to make any significant progress. Your body needs consistency. You are not giving your body enough time to adapt and it becomes confused.

Companies that create these fad diet products create them in such a way that it is very alluring because it promises the (quick) answers to all your problems.

But of course, your body is not designed to change so rapidly, so it feels like everything you’re trying is not working, then you come across this new product which hits all your emotional buttons.

“This is what I need!”, you convince yourself…

Of course you will be drawn into it but you have to remember at the end of the day, while these products might not be ‘bad’ per se, a lot of them are just rehashed information or packaged in such a way as to make them seem new and exciting.

If you look at people who jump from plan to plan without achieving the results, and then you look at people who do achieve results, there is quite a stark difference.

What I generally find is that people who do achieve results, whether it be weight loss or maintaining good health all year round, they generally don’t go from plan to plan. They don’t try and follow some sort of magic strategy or solution.

What they generally do, and I do include myself in this, is just follow the tried and tested health and fitness principles that for as long as we know have worked for staying healthy, lean, strong or whatever else you want to achieve.

Do that consistently and the results will follow.

Stop looking for the next big thing, the next magic pill or solution. Just get to grips with the basic fundamentals – in this case the weight loss principles that are proven to work time and time again with countless people and backed by science.

What Are These Principles?

The problems with these diet strategies or exercise plans is that whilst they might give you good nutritional principles there are no allowances for individual differences.

How do you know that a plan is right for you?

Just because it worked for somebody else, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that it will work for you.

Let’s just say you are a 5ft 4in female who is maybe slightly shorter and stockier than your friend who is 6ft and lean but you both try the same nutrition plan or diet plan (or whatever it is that you have purchased). That in itself has got to show you that there is a discrepancy there. Two entirely different body types following the same plan simply won’t work. I write more about that subject here.

So the first thing we have to do, certainly if we are speaking about nutrition, is to individualise your approach.

We have to know, based on your body type, how many calories and the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we know are more likely to work for your unique body type.

Once we have figured that out and got that in place, we can consistently track it with something like My Fitness Pal or other apps that can calculate your intake of calories and macro nutrients, etc.

*Not that we are too concerned with calorie counting, but it is quite good to log things to see where you are being consistent and that you are approximately meeting your targets an your ratios of nutrients of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Then we want to make sure that your lifestyle factors are taken care of. Maybe it is not the actual nutrition plan that you have purchased that is the problem. Maybe it is the fact that you are massively stressed, you are not sleeping enough, you are drinking too much and maybe smoking as well.

If everything else is in place but you are falling at something like the above mentioned, the chances of you achieving results are massively diminished in themselves.

You want to make sure your lifestyle habits are taken care of as well.

The most important habits are stress management, alcohol consumption and sleep duration and quality.

These are the three top things that have to be taken care of otherwise it is less likely you are going to achieve weight loss results.

Obviously exercise comes in to it as well but what I do know and what I strongly believe is if the nutrition and the lifestyle are not taken care of, exercise won’t make too much difference.

If people are stressed and eating bad, but the exercise is perfect, the chances of their body changing and achieving optimal health will still be much reduced.

So What About The Exercise?

Ideally you want to be doing at least two (ideally three or four) resistance based workouts per week, as well as some cardio and mobility work.

Getting those solid principles in place that are known to work and just doing it consistently is key. Your body craves consistency and it is consistency over time that will bring results.

Consistency comes through building new habits – this is the only way you can be consistent in something. Otherwise it will be forced and you will rely on willpower and motivation, which as you probably know diminishes, and you’ll be likely to revert to what you were doing before.

Change your habits and that becomes the way you do things rather than just forcing yourself. We’ve got a detailed blog about building habits. But on top of the consistency it is also really important to be patient.

Everyone wants results now, now, now!

In a couple of weeks if you don’t see results, you are moving on to something else.

When people want to start working with one of my team, a common questions we get asked is “How quickly can I see results?”

The answer is we are not looking for quick results, we are looking for life-long change.

Obviously we want to help you get results as quickly as possible but it is that anxiety and impatience that causes a lot of people to not achieve results in the first place. They want to move onto the next thing or they get fed up and convince themselves it is not working when it has only just begun!

You have got to be patient, be consistent and persevere.

Get the principles in place that we know work and the results will follow.

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