Back in January, one cold & snowy Saturday morning my then fiancée and I were driving up to Perth for our Nephew’s 4th Birthday party.

The weather that Saturday was rather wild.

There was horizontal snow and rain being whipped around by the fierce wind and driving conditions were far from ideal.

Whilst on the dual carriageway I was over-taking a car and noticed a big lorry also over-taking on the other side of the road.

The lorry driver obviously pulled too wide and nicked the pile of snow by the central reservation, sending ice balls airborne in my direction. Unfortunately these hit my windscreen and caused a crack, great!

Left untreated, this crack would most likely get bigger and bigger with every bump or pothole I drove over.

…progressing from a crack that’s less than an inch long and a minor inconvenience, in to a crack that’s many inches long and now enough to impact my line of sight whilst driving and become a very real hazard.

It got me thinking that this is very similar to how many people’s health and weight can insidiously deteriorate over a period of weeks, months and ever years…

…from a few pounds of weight gain to being 1-2 stone over weight

…from a minor niggle in the knee to a full blown injury and prescribed rest

…from chronically high blood sugar to diabetes.

Here’s the thing…

That initial ‘crack in the glass’ is not enough to cause concern for most people, but before long that crack WILL progress to a larger and larger crack and then eventually a big problem that’s FAR more difficult to fix than a very small chip or crack.

It’s far easier to adjust your exercise and eating habits when you notice a slight weight gain, than it is when you’ve gained 1-2 stone (or more) of extra weight.

I’m telling you this story today because I know that some of you reading this will have a crack in your glass.

If you can see you health deteriorating in any shape or form I’d have you consider that NOW is this time to act.

The longer you leave it, the worse the ‘problem’ will become, and the more difficult it will be to ‘fix’.

So whether it’s joining a gym, signing up to an exercise class, creating a new healthy eating plan for yourself or signing up to a personal training programme,

Take that first step.

Act now and stop that crack in your windscreen getting bigger and bigger.

Best wishes,


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