“Mission: REVIVE”

Our 6-Week Personal Training ‘Jumpstart’ Programme To Help You Get Back Into Fitness And To Revive Your Passion For Healthy Living Once More


“Mission: REVIVE”

Our 6-Week Personal Training ‘Jumpstart’ To Help You Get Back Into Fitness And To Revive Your Passion For Healthy Living Once More

Sometimes, Life Just Gets In The Way…

…making you put off that health and fitness kickstart you’ve been promising yourself. yet. again.

Whether it’s work pressure, chasing around after the kids or simply staying on top of household chores…

The stresses of modern life make it difficult to maintain your health and stay active.

And it’s all too easy to fall out of the routine of the healthy lifestyle you once knew.

We understand this. And we’ve created our Mission: Revive programme specifically with you in mind.

In A Nutshell, Here’s What It Is…

Mission: Revive is a short but intensive 6-week personal training programme.

It’s designed to help you revive your passion for exercise and healthy living so you can start to rebuild your fitness levels, enjoy working out and even drop a few pounds along the way.

It’s a private 1-to-1 training programme with one of our professional coaches at our Edinburgh-based training studio.

It focuses mainly on exercise so it’s best suited to those with gym experience. (For those with little to no experience: check out our 12-week transformation programme instead.)

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll receive when you join the Mission: Revive 6-week programme:

  • The Mission: Revive (M:R) Welcome Pack – your onboarding documents with an overview of the programme framework, outlining the key principles to ensure your success.
  • The M:R Strategy Blueprint – a strategy session to complete initial assessments and create the strategy for the 6-week programme based on your unique goals, abilities and lifestyle.
  • The M:R Exercise System – a carefully designed personal training programme to help you rebuild fitness levels, improve your whole-body strength and begin to tighten & tone your muscles.
  • The M:R Nutrition & Lifestyle Framework – basic guidance on some nutrition and lifestyle habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle to accelerate the results you’ll achieve.
  • The M:R Support System – ongoing support, guidance and encouragement from your coach to keep you motivated between sessions and provide help where required.

…and the best bit?

You’ll have 1-on-1 attention from your dedicated LBF coach in our private personal training studio away from the crowded, noisy and intimidating public gyms.

Oh, and you’re welcome to continue working with your LBF coach when the 6-week programme is finished, if you wish.

The Health & Fitness Jumpstart You’ve Been Looking For?

Are you struggling to find time for your health & fitness? This programme could be just what you’re looking for…

Especially when the tomorrow of “I’ll start tomorrow” never quite arrives, right?

Of course, you may eventually find time in your schedule to start exercising again and develop the habit without our help…

But we’ve set up this programme for those who know that probably won’t happen on your own…

For those who know that investing in themselves and having accountability from a coach is the best way forward, for now.

We’re here to help revive your passion for health and fitness and provide a supportive platform to make that happen for you.

What Results Could You Achieve?

6 weeks is a relatively short time frame; we’re not promising any life-changing results here.

We’ve also got no before & after pictures to share because that’s not what Mission: Revive is about.

As mentioned previously, this programme is a jumpstart to help you get back into exercise, fitness and healthy living.

Ultimately, the results you could achieve depend on your starting point and the effort you put into the programme.

That being said, with dedication and commitment, you can make considerable changes to your body and quality of life in 6 weeks.

Here are some of the results you could achieve:

  • Increased muscle tone so you can feel stronger and more capable in the gym.
  • Dropping a jean size so you can feel confident in your favourite clothes again.
  • Decreased stress levels so you can feel less exhausted and enjoy life more.
  • Learn (or remind yourself) how to exercise safely and effectively in a gym environment.
  • Improved fitness levels so you can get back into your favourite hobbies or run that 5k.
  • Increased energy levels so you can feel motivated to exercise and improve your health.
  • Increased productivity so you can get more done every day with less effort and time.
  • Improved sleep quality so you can wake up refreshed and less reliant on caffeine.

What’s The Investment?

Payment plans available on request and prices include VAT.

We have two different packages for this programme:

1) The 12-Session Package – £597
2) The 18-Session Package – £897

The package you choose depends on your goals, availability and budget. We can help you decide during your initial consultation.

Generally speaking, though, the 18-session package yields better results due to having more time together.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’ve previously been fit, healthy and active and want a structured programme to get back on track, this is for you.

If you would like to join Mission: Revive, the first step is to book your free consultation. This allows you to visit the studio, discuss the programme with a member of the team and ask questions.

You can apply for your consultation by clicking the button now or you can contact us if you have any questions first.