After years of long working hours and poor food choices, I was overweight and tired. I lacked the motivation to make changes and contacted Luke Bremner Fitness for help.

After joining the 12-week programme, I worked with Graeme. He was very supportive and built my training plan around my personal needs. And he always took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve, adapting my programme as we progressed.

I began to enjoy the training sessions and regular exercise is now a part of my life. It definitely helped to workout in a private studio devoid of judgement. This helped me gain confidence in a gym environment. And it also helped not to have to worry about other people seeing me in a sweaty heap on the floor!

Additionally, I’m now far more confident around nutrition. I know how to eat to feel fuller, have sustained energy and maintain a healthy weight. Being provided with advanced nutritional knowledge was key for me.

I started very unhealthy, but with every session came more encouragement. Step-by-step I moved closer to my goals, which I not only achieved but surpassed.

I’m very happy with my experience and results and will continue working with Graeme. I highly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone else looking to improve their health and quality of life.

Luke Bremner Fitness - Personal Trainer Edinburgh - Liam Before & After Image