I had initially decided to seek the help of a personal trainer to help me lose weight and build self-confidence as I was not happy with the way I looked and felt. I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness but I was slightly anxious about what would be involved and worried that my personal needs would not be listened to and that I would simply be given a programme to follow without any additional follow-up or guidance.

However, after beginning my programme these concerns were soon eliminated as Luke always listens intently, constantly checks to make sure my needs and requirements are being met and is just as committed to my progress and achieving my goals as I am.

Working with Luke, I have lost over 15lbs of weight and greatly improved my body shape. As a result, I now benefit from increased energy and a growing confidence in my self-image and how I feel about myself. Additionally, Luke’s nutrition coaching has improved my nutrition and I now understand food and how to eat to meet my goals more than ever.

It is great working with a PT who understands your needs. Luke has a wonderful kind manner and personality which helps me to do so much more that I thought I could do. He continually updates my programmes to ensure constant progress and variety and because I love change this keeps me on my toes, drives my energy and pushes my boundaries.

It is also apparent that Luke keeps himself up to date with the latest information about health, nutrition, fitness and well-being which is reflected in his coaching style. Thanks for believing in me Luke, looking forward to future health and fitness developments.