I was sitting having a discussion with a lady last week during the free consultation we offer to anyone interested in working with us.

Whilst listening intently as she told me about her goals, I could tell she was deeply unhappy in her life, which she had attributed to her physical appearance.

All she wanted to do was lose weight so she could be HAPPY again, and felt she needed our help to do so.

This is VERY common and will be the same feeling for a huge percentage of people who are striving to lose weight, chasing that elusive happiness and to feel better about themselves.

I truly empathise with this, and this is why I do what I do – to HELP people.

But the truth is, I believe that you DON’T have to lose weight to be happy…

And in fact, ‘holding your happiness hostage’ UNTIL you lose weight creates a sense of urgency and pressure, often leading to stress, overwhelm, frustration and disappointment…

…which as I’m sure you’re aware makes it far less likely to actually successfully achieve your goals.

It’s as if people have put a stake in the ground and declared “I AM FAT” and allowed this to become part of their identity.

“I am fat” is now how they see themselves and their mind then creates stories to go along with this belief, such as:

“No one will find me attractive” or

“I’m not good enough”

Well, the truth is, YOU are NOT fat and you DON’T have to believe the stories your mind is telling you.

You may ‘have’ fat, just in the same way you have skin, muscle and hair. It’s just part of your body and it can be changed.

It does not have to be part of your identity.

You don’t have to believe the stories your mind is telling you about yourself.

When you start to grasp this, everything changes..

You can begin to take the pressure off yourself and learn to be happy again, because truthfully all that’s standing in the way of your happiness your belief about the thoughts and stories you are conjuring in your own mind.

Of course I believe we should maintain a healthy weight and body composition for general health and well-being, but it’s definitely not a reason NOT to be happy.

The funny thing is, once you take your pressure off yourself and learn to be happy NOW, weight loss happens MUCH quicker…

To your health and happiness,


P.S. If my message today has struck a chord with you and lack of happiness associated with your weight and body shape is something you’re battling with, I’d like to invite you for personal training and coaching with my team and I here at Luke Bremner Fitness.

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