Around 1 year ago my wife and I moved to our new flat and as anyone who has moved house knows all too well, it’s a pretty stressful experience.

As you may expect, we had boxes everywhere, could barely move around without tripping over something and couldn’t find anything when we needed it!

As a nutrition coach, I like to plan out my meals for the day in advance, so I know what I’ll be eating, and when (which is an important part of any fitness and weight loss programme, by the way).

Having just moved house, our kitchen very poorly stocked and we didn’t have our regular weekly shopping delivered as we normally do. As a result I was in the unusual position of being out of routine, and eating on the go.

Rather than having my meals prepared and taking them with me to the studio, I instead found myself nipping out to the local shop to grab food when I needed it.

Although I’ve always known how difficult it can be to eat healthy when ‘on the go’, I really appreciated just how difficult it can be to make healthy food choices with the limited selection available.

However, rather than opting for the obvious choices of sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, crisps, pasta pots and fizzy drinks, I used this as an opportunity to figure out how it’s possible to make healthier choices when eating on the go – a lesson I knew would be very important for all our clients.

As it turns out, I discovered there were various food items available that allowed me to put a healthy meal together in under 90 seconds (literally).

I picked up some pre-cooked protein (chicken breasts in this case, but plenty of other options were available) and ready-to-eat vegetables (spinach, peppers and salad).

I also picked up a microwavable bag of Uncle Ben’s rice as my source of carbohydrate.**

**If you don’t have access to a microwave, you should be able to find pre-cooked cous cous or quinoa in most shops as an alternative source of carbohydrate. If you’re following a low-carb diet, choose instead to double up on your veggies, and add a small handful of nuts such as cashews or almonds as a source of healthy fat.

Here’s a summary:

1 x Chicken Breast, medium sized breast, pre-cooked.
1 x Uncle Ben’s Basmati Rice, individual sized portion, microwavable.
1 x Mixed Vegetables (handful spinach, half red pepper, handful mixed salad)

Whilst not perfect, it’s a nutritious and ‘clean’ meal that would be perfectly acceptable in the vast majority of healthy eating plans and is a far superior choice to the processed convenience foods that are high in sugar and fat.

The reason I’m telling you this today is because I know that many of our clients, and probably many of you reading this, also struggle with making healthy eating choices on the go.

In fact, my team and I often encourage our time poor clients to make use of these recommendations when they are on the go, or haven’t had time to prepare their food. This allows them to stay on track with their nutrition programme and continue to make progress towards their goals.

You can also use it too for quick, healthy meals on the go when time is scarce. No matter how busy you are, you CAN eat well. Keep things simple – it really doesn’t need to be complicated as I’ve demonstrated above.

You can use the above outline to inspire ideas, and tailor it according to your unique needs or circumstances. Feel free to ask if you need any extra help; we’re here to help

We understand nutrition is a confusing subject, and aside from making healthy choices on the go, there are lots of other considerations regarding healthy eating for weight loss and health.

For this reason, nutritional advice and/or coaching included is included in all the Luke Bremner Fitness programmes to improve your chances of success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

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