Before we contacted Luke Bremner Fitness about working with a personal trainer, we had a gym membership and went to classes, but were still struggling to reach our weight loss goals on our own.

We felt we needed the inspiration to learn new exercises to not only help us to achieve our short term goals but also become a way of life for the long term.

Luke Bremner Fitness has been a wonderful experience, from our initial introduction to our last session, we have felt supported throughout the whole process.

Our coach was Duncan, who is a true asset to the team, providing well-rounded knowledge and experience as well as technical ability, whilst giving us the confidence to train independently going forward. He has assisted in work-related postural issues and rehabilitation of injuries, whilst giving solid nutrition and lifestyle coaching advice.

We’d definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness. The 12-week programme has given us the motivation to train smarter, harder and more efficiently to achieve our goals.