Personal Trainer Jobs Edinburgh

We’re looking for an experienced and passionate female personal trainer to join our team to meet the ever-increasing demand for our services. (We currently have 8 male trainers so are looking to balance out the team with a female addition!).

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • At least 2 years experience working as a personal trainer with a broad spectrum of clients.
  • A level 3 (or equivalent) personal trainer qualification and appropriate insurance.
  • A genuine passion for health & fitness and helping your clients achieve their goals.
  • A desire to continuously learn, grow and develop your skills and knowledge as a coach.
  • The ability to integrate into our team and follow our systems (while maintaining your individuality).
  • The view that personal training is a profession and long-term career.
  • A personable, friendly and energetic personality.
  • Proficient communication skills and at least basic IT knowledge.

A degree related to the profession would also be beneficial but is not essential. We don’t believe in denying anyone an opportunity purely because of their qualifications; the right attitude is more important.

That being said, knowledge and coaching ability in the areas of exercise, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and habit change are essential.

Please note, this opportunity is not for newcomers to the industry. We provide a professional and expert service, with our clients investing a lot of money to be provided with an exceptional service and outstanding results.

Therefore, you must have enough experience to step in and fill this role in our team confidently and without direct supervision.

You will work with clients predominantly 1-to-1 in a private studio setting and deliver personal training and coaching to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our ‘typical’ client is a busy professional in the region of 40 years.

Generally, our clients come to us to lose a little weight, change their body shape and feel better, healthier and more energised in their daily life.

You will be self-employed and therefore will not be on a set salary. However, after we build your client base (which typically takes 2-3 months) you can expect to earn the equivalent of a £25k per year salary.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is perhaps working in a larger gym and is looking to move in to the private sector.

We are looking for someone to become part of a team where every individual is valued equally, and is moving towards the joint vision of becoming the ‘go-to’ health and fitness provider in Edinburgh.

If you feel after reading the above you’d be a good fit for this position you can submit your interest by clicking the button below and completing the form.