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It’s easy in 2017, to think you either need to go “beastmode”, or not bother…

To be under the impression that if you aren’t hitting the gym 7 days a week, doing hour long mobility sessions, and spending multiple hours a week food prepping, that you won’t make any real progression.

We live in an age where views matter.

Where grabbing attention puts money in people’s pockets via adverts and sponsored posts…

Extreme training?

Intense sessions?

That gets views.

That gets shares.

And, for the vast majority of people watching?

It creates a false impression that training is only worth doing if you’re in the top 1%…

This isn’t true.

“I would train, but could only go like twice a week, doesn’t seem worth it”

“Yeah I suppose I could start looking after my diet, but I don’t have the time to food prep all weekend”

“I honestly want to lose weight, but I just don’t want to be a ‘gym bunny’”.

All three of the above statements are sentiments I’ve heard before.

And all three come from a place of misinformation…

So, in the interest of clearing things up; let’s address them one at a time.

“I would train, but could only go like twice a week, doesn’t seem worth it”

Starting a training regime is one of the most daunting prospects of “getting in shape”. And I get it- going from doing nothing, to 5 intense session per week? That’s a huge jump.

But let’s look at this another way…

If you were tasked with writing a book, would you sit down, and try and write every page at once?

Or, would you take it one page at a time?

Every choice you make takes you closer, or further away from your goals.

You know what’s a step towards your goals if you spend every evening lying in front of the TV?

Walking to the shops once a week.

And a step up from there?

Twice a week.

Hell, you could continue that pattern, introducing incidental exercises over the course of a month or two, until you’re managing a 20 minute walk every single day.

That’s over two hours of activity a week you would have otherwise not had.

And a funny thing happens once you introduce a little movement…. it gives you the energy and motivation to introduce a little more.

Walking 20 minutes every day (to either get a coffee, go to the shops, or just relax)?

How about getting to the gym, and committing to a single 30 minute session a week with a trainer?

Or joining a group exercise class on a Saturday morning?

For most people, changes happen little by little.

The slow accumulation of habits over time are the building blocks of a successful lifestyle.

So instead of thinking end game. Think short game.

What activity could you introduce next week that would take you just a step closer to your goals?

Do that.

(If you’ve got to the stage where you feel ready to introduce a few bodyweight training sessions, head over to this blog for some guidance: Drop Fat With 0 Equipment and Only 20 Minutes

“Yeah I suppose I could start looking after my diet, but I don’t have the time to food prep all weekend”

Food preparation is a great way to ensure you stay on track with your diet.


It isn’t the only way to trigger fat loss and start building a healthy lifestyle…

For example- water intake.

Step one could be as simple as buying yourself a water bottle and ensuring you drink 2-3 litres of water a day.

(Check out this blog to see why water will help with your fat loss: Is Water The Secret To Your Weight Loss?

Step two? Might be making sure you eat a palm sized serving of protein with every meal.

Step three? A fist of veggies with every meal.

Step four? Eating with no distractions, and stopping once you become 80% full.

And so forth.

There are a lot of steps between “eating whatever” and “food prepping for 8 hours a weekend and measuring out all my macros”.

Hell, identifying your snack foods and slowly replacing them with more nutrient dense options alone can be a huge step in the right direction (think nuts instead of chips, or lime water instead of soda).

(In this blog you’ll find a few great examples of food you can grab if you’re in a rush: Healthy Eating On The Go

Stop thinking in terms of “in a perfect world, what would I be doing”. Think in terms of “what action can I take, and stick to, that will bring me closer to my goals?”.

No matter how ‘small’ you might think that action is? Take it- it will lead to more.

All or Nothing Harming Weight Loss - Luke Bremner Fitness - Personal Trainer Edinburgh

“I honestly want to lose weight, but I just don’t want to be a ‘gym bunny’”

Whilst not always worded this way, this is a huge factor limiting people’s belief that they should begin training.

It’s easy to categorise people. Label them if you will.

And quite often, the labels we give ourselves? Are very hard to shift.

If we see ourselves in a certain way, and ‘gym junkies’ as something else entirely, it can be a very difficult mental process to ‘switch teams’.

Now at the risk of sounding a touch ‘new agey’ here…

A committed gym junkie is just a person who made the previous steps we discussed, and didn’t give up.

They’re no ‘better’ than someone who isn’t training, and vice versa.

But, by making the choice to slowly accrue the habits that lead you towards training two or three times a week?

You’ll be increasing your cognitive functions, muscular strength, wellbeing and health…

So, I suppose if there were teams?

The ‘regular exercising team’ might be the one to aim for.

And, once you’re there?

Once you’re training a few times a week, and watching your diet choices a little more carefully?

Your transition from not training to training, and thinking about your food might be just the inspiration someone else needs to get started…

And if improving your health, and inspiring others to do the same isn’t motivation enough to rid yourself of the labels? I’m not sure what is.

Social Media Isn’t Real Life

At least, in the majority of cases.

And it’s easy to compare your lows, with someone sees highlight reel, and feel discouraged.

So, instead of seeing athletes completing thousands of burpees and backflips, think about where they started.

Think about what you can take right now to bring you closer to your goals.

No one else’s goals.


And whether that means joining a gym tomorrow, going for a walk at the weekend, buying yourself a BPA free water bottle, or getting all the candy out of your house?

Take that action.

Because every true transformation starts with a single choice.

Decide what that small, or big choice can be for you. And make it.

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