Today I have an inspirational story to share with you – a case-study of a client of mine, Derek.

Derek has just hit “the big 5-0” and at age 50 is, in his own words, in “the shape of his life” – as you can see from this reverse picture of him below:

Derek Back

An incredible transformation and I’m very proud of Derek’s effort and commitment to achieve this level of transformation over the past 20 months working with him.

I wanted to share Derek’s story with you to highlight how obstacles CAN be overcome and goals CAN be achieved, regardless of your starting point.

Derek’s Story

Derek started off very unhappy in his physical appearance which was affecting his self-confidence and impacting every area of his life.

He knew a major overhaul was required to change his body shape and improve his health and happiness but he simply didn’t know where to start:

– What do I eat?

– How much do I eat?

– Am I too unfit to get started?

– What is the best exercise programme for me?

– How will I know if I’m doing it right?

Perhaps some of these questions seem familiar? It can be massively overwhelming which usually leads to procrastination (and remaining stuck where you are).

That’s when Derek got in touch to ask for our help at Luke Bremner Fitness – Personal Training Edinburgh.

I created a customised exercise programme tailored to Derek’s body type and fitness level and a nutrition schedule that worked with Derek’s lifestyle (without any major restrictions!).

We also addressed certain lifestyle issues such as stress and lack of sleep and set some highly focussed goals to keep Derek on track.

Add to this some amazing dedication and commitment from Derek and you have the recipe for a successful transformation.

The best part is the SIMPLICITY and I’m sure Derek will agree that we didn’t use any special tactics, or strategies or the latest ‘secret’ tricks.

We just focussed on keeping things simple and executing the basics with CONSISTENCY.


Many of you reading this blog post may be thinking, “but I can’t do that because of <insert x, y and z excuses here!>…

…but the truth is YOU CAN. Just like Derek did.

Once you make a committed decision to change and have the correct strategy in place (which is where we come in) there is simply no way you won’t reach your destination…

…and my team and I will stand by you every step of the way to make this a reality.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do and how we can help achieve a similar life and body transformation to Derek, I’d like to invite you to my private personal training studio to meet with myself for your free and non-obligation consultation.

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