Private Personal Training For Edinburgh Professionals Who Want To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

Join the 450+ Edinburgh professionals who’ve already improved their quality of life in our private personal training gyms…

Private Personal Training For Edinburgh Professionals Who Want To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

Join the 450+ Edinburgh professionals who’ve already improved their quality of life in our private personal training gyms…



We know that modern life can be very busy and stressful.

And it can be difficult to juggle all the demands on your time and energy.

Which can often mean work takes priority over living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re reading this now, you may be struggling with this too?

Putting your work first as your health and body shape gradually get worse.

And if you’re like many people who seek our help, you may find yourself:

  • A stone heavier than you’d like to be and no longer fitting into your favourite clothes?

  • Shocked at how easily you get out of breath climbing the stairs or playing with the kids?

  • Fed-up with constant stress, tiredness, decreased productivity and having no energy?

  • Unhappy and self-conscious about your current body shape and physical appearance?

  • Losing your self-confidence and feeling frustrated you’ve allowed things to get this way?


If any of the above points seem familiar to you, you’re most certainly not alone…

Most of the people we’ve helped started in exactly the same position.

And if you are in that position? Our experienced and professional team are here to help.

We specialise in 1-to-1 personal training in our private gyms in central Edinburgh.

But rather than focusing almost exclusively on exercise like ‘traditional’ personal training.

We use a more comprehensive process to help you achieve your goals.

A holistic approach that helps you create new healthy habits and change your lifestyle…

Which is proven to deliver safe, sustainable and permanent health & body transformations.

Our Comprehensive Approach Includes Our ‘4-Pillars Of Transformation’:


Customised exercise plans created for your unique goals, body type and fitness level.


Changes to your eating habits, gradually implemented at a pace that works for you.


Coaching to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle with an improved quality of life.


Helping you identify the powerful drivers behind your goals to keep you focused and motivated.

…And These Pillars Form The ‘Backbone’ Of Our Unique Personal Training Method:


We’ve ‘wrapped up’ these 4-pillars into our unique 12-week coaching programme, the AIM Method.

Here’s the AIM Method 12-week process we’ll take you through when you work with us:

(click image to enlarge)

We’ve used our 100+ years of combined team experience and expertise to create this AIM Method framework.

And due to how effective it is in helping our clients achieve their goals, it’s now the only programme we offer.

As a 12-week programme, it will help you begin making life-long changes in your life while remaining motivated & committed…

And additionally, having just one programme means we’re always 100% focussed on what matters most – delivering a first-class experience and life-changing results to you, our valued clients.

This programme has already helped over 450 people improve their health, fitness and quality of life…

Some of whom you can read about below:


  • Y. Mohamed, Student

    I really enjoyed the private 1-to-1 personal training at a private studio. And since working with the Luke Bremner Fitness team I have lost 20lbs, 10% body fat and a total of 7 inches around my waist. I'm now 2 dress sizes down, feel much more toned and can fit into my favourite dresses again!

  • Murray, Web Designer

    Luke and the team are truly excellent. My coaches Alex and Calum were extremely professional and not only focused on helping me improve my fitness but my lifestyle, health and well-being as well. I achieved incredible results and I can't recommend Luke Bremner Fitness highly enough!

  • Liam, IT Director

    Working with the Luke Bremner Fitness team feels more like a friendship than going to a place to just "train". The studio is always a fun/positive environment devoid of judgement and is a unique establishment that goes far beyond just helping you to achieve your health goals. I'm delighted with the service and the results I achieved with my coach Graeme.

  • Reena, Doctor

    Coach Dan is absolutely brilliant! He clearly cares about each person he trains and continually updated and improved my programme to keep it interesting and exciting. His nutritional knowledge was also fantastic and helped me make significant improvements to my overall health.

  • Jill, Surgeon

    Starting personal training with Luke Bremner Fitness was one of the best things I did in 2020. Through a carefully designed programme, My coach Dan helped me improve my posture and overcome my back pain which is incredibly important to me as a surgeon.

  • Paul, Self-Employed

    Having worked with personal trainers all over the world, I've never come across someone as talented as Calum. I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend working with Luke Bremner Fitness for anyone considering personal training in Edinburgh.

  • Alexander,

    I would imagine that the Luke Bremner Fitness studio is the best of its kind in Edinburgh, or possibly even Scotland!

  • Clare, Administrator

    This is just a message to say thank you to Luke Bremner Fitness for a great year of personal training with Alex. I turned 40 last April and decided to improve my fitness and I'm 100% glad I chose your personal training service.

  • Kenny, Retailer

    After working with Alex for just 3 months, I have almost complete mobility back in my right shoulder and arm and around 90% in the left. The change is remarkable.

  • Harry, Cybersecurity Consultant

    I found the private, 1-1 approach with really positive interaction gave me the space to build my confidence whilst improving my fitness, unlike public gyms, which I have unfortunately found can be intimidating and unfriendly.

  • Chris and Emma, Estate Agents

    The 12 week programme has given us the motivation to train smarter, harder and more efficiently to achieve our health and fitness goals.

  • Susan, Lawyer

    I would highly recommend Luke Bremner Fitness as I have felt encouraged and supported, with proper advice from coaches who really listen to me and focus on what I am doing and why.

  • Evelyn and Brett, Self Employed and CEO

    We'd definitely recommend Luke Bremner Fitness. The 12 week programme has helped us to make positive and sustainable changes to our overall fitness and health and we've had fun in the process.

  • Derek, Business Owner

    A year ago my physical appearance was making me very unhappy so I decided to contact Luke Bremner Fitness for help. After my initial consultation with Luke I decided to sign up for 6 months and within a relatively short space of time I was losing the weight I'd been trying to lose myself for years and seeing my body transform. Investing in myself and working with Luke and his team has been life changing. .

  • Graham, Head of Global Service

    I got in touch with Luke Bremner Fitness for one on one coaching. The results have been fantastic. The training is excellent, challenging and I have made tremendous progress in my fitness as a result.

  • Anna

    The quality of personal training at the studio is very high and as a result I’ve managed to lose over 3 stone in weight, have improved my general fitness level and my nutrition is so much better than it was. I also no longer suffer with back pain from a previous injury nearly as much as I did and I’m enjoying exercise for the first time in my life.

  • Ali, Financial Services

    I found that if I previously went to the gym I would not have any structure or idea of what I wanted to achieve. The programmes Graham designed for me were personalised and delivered the exact results I wanted. Now when I got to the gym I am aware of exactly what I want to do and have consistency around it.

  • Luke, Logistics Manager

    Training with Luke Bremner Fitness is easily the best decision I have ever made relating to my health and fitness! Not only have I have achieved my weight loss goals and greatly improved my fitness and health, but my habits and attitudes as to how I treat and look after my body have totally changed for the better.

  • Andrew, Lawyer

    Since starting at Luke Bremner Fitness I have successfully lost weight, and completely changed my body shape in a positive way. I also feel healthier, more alert and more body confident and I also now sleep better and actually enjoy exercise and my training sessions.

  • Ian, Business Owner

    After I started my programme at Luke Bremner Fitness and implemented the advice given to me by Luke and his team I quickly began to notice changes in the way I looked and felt. In a relatively short space of time I managed to lose a significant amount of weight to get back to my 'ideal' weight and I'm now also far more confident with my body shape as I develop tone and definition in my muscles.

  • Sarah, National Health Service

    I originally started working with Keith - my Luke Bremner Fitness Coach - with the goals of losing weight and becoming fitter. Before I started working with Keith, over the years I had often joined a [...]

  • Gillian, Business Owner

    With only 8 weeks before my wedding, Luke transformed my posture, my body shape and my fitness level to the best condition I have ever been in. Luke's expert programme, tailored training methods and experience makes all the difference - and it’s fun...

  • Meredith, Business Engagement Manager

    Luke was able to help me combine both nutritional knowledge & application with a variety of different resistance-based exercises in an exercise programme specifically tailored to my needs to help me achieve the results I had failed to achieve on my own. The results have been (in my opinion) really exciting!...

  • Alasdair, PGA Professional Golfer

    I went to Luke for advice on exercise and nutrition to help me strengthen my muscles and drop some weight round my mid-section. Through the exercise programme Luke created for me and nutritional coaching he provided, my body shape completely changed, my muscles were more toned and I dropped inches from my waist...

  • Laura, Communications Manager

    I've lost weight (around 16lbs in total), feel much fitter and have the confidence to workout on my own and no longer fear sports or gyms...I’d recommend Luke to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their health and fitness and learn how to eat in a way that makes them feel energized and good about themselves, without being too restrictive.

  • Lynne, Director

    Training sessions with Luke are effective, varied and enjoyable. Luke clearly puts a lot of thought and planning into structuring each session to optimal benefit and to help meet individual's goals. I may be the one perspiring but it does feel like a joint effort - that we're working together.

  • Kirsten, Resource Analyst

    Before working with Luke I always felt tired and had constant dips in my energy levels. I also suffered with back pain and neck pain as a result of spending many hours a day behind a desk but these pains are now gone as Luke addressed them in my personal exercise program...

  • Caroline, Director of Finance

    The sessions with Luke are hard work but rewarding and I always feel great when I leave! I also suffered from long-term back pain before I started working with Luke but that has now completely resolved as Luke identified the problem and included corrective exercise techniques into my program to resolve it...

  • Lorna, Office Manager

    Luke has impressive nutritional expertise and quickly came to understand my key stumbling blocks and provided manageable steps I could implement slowly to make necessary changes to my diet and lifestyle...his advice on my fitness regime has paid off in inches lost...

  • Isaac, Business Manager

    It is great working with a PT who understands your needs. Luke has a wonderful kind manner and personality which helps me to do so much more that I thought I could do. He continually updates my programmes to ensure constant progress and variety and because I love change this keeps me on my toes, drives my energy and pushes my boundaries...



Our personal training is delivered in the privacy of our Edinburgh private gyms

Exclusive personal training facilities so it’s only ever you and your coach in the quiet gym.

So there’s no contending with crowded, noisy and often intimidating public gyms.

And we use our AIM Method framework (as shown above) with everyone we work with…

So we can deliver safe and sustainable health & body transformations predictably and reliably.

You can learn more about our AIM Method 12-week transformation programmes and apply to work with us here:



You can keep doing what you’re doing and remain frustrated about how you look and feel.

Or, you can take action today, commit to change and invest in yourself by working with our expert team.

As a first step, we offer you a free, no-obligation consultation at one of our private training studios.

So, if you’re fed up with poor health, being unfit or overweight and are ready to make a change?

Visit our personal training page to learn more or simply click the “Get Started Today” button below to apply for your consultation now.

We hope to meet you soon at Luke Bremner Fitness – Personal Trainer Edinburgh.