Private Personal Training For Edinburgh Professionals Who Want To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

Join the 500+ Edinburgh professionals who’ve already improved their quality of life in our private personal training gyms…

Private Personal Training For Edinburgh Professionals Who Want To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

Join the 500+ Edinburgh professionals who’ve already improved their quality of life in our private personal training gyms…



We know that modern life can be very busy and stressful.

And it can be difficult to juggle all the demands on your time and energy.

Which can often mean work takes priority over living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re reading this now, you may be struggling with this too?

Putting your work first as your health and body shape gradually get worse.

And if you’re like many people who seek our help, you may find yourself:

  • A stone heavier than you’d like to be and no longer fitting into your favourite clothes?

  • Shocked at how easily you get out of breath climbing the stairs or playing with the kids?

  • Fed-up with constant stress, tiredness, decreased productivity and having no energy?

  • Unhappy and self-conscious about your current body shape and physical appearance?

  • Losing your self-confidence and feeling frustrated you’ve allowed things to get this way?


If any of the above points seem familiar to you, you’re most certainly not alone…

Most of the people we’ve helped started in exactly the same position.

And if you are in that position? Our experienced and professional team are here to help.

We specialise in 1-to-1 personal training in our private gyms in central Edinburgh.

But rather than focusing almost exclusively on exercise like ‘traditional’ personal training.

We use a more comprehensive process to help you achieve your goals.

A holistic approach that helps you create new healthy habits and change your lifestyle…

Which is proven to deliver safe, sustainable and permanent health & body transformations.

Our Comprehensive Approach Includes Our ‘4-Pillars Of Transformation’:


Customised exercise plans created for your unique goals, body type and fitness level.


Changes to your eating habits, gradually implemented at a pace that works for you.


Coaching to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle with an improved quality of life.


Helping you identify the powerful drivers behind your goals to keep you focused and motivated.

…And These Pillars Form The ‘Backbone’ Of Our Unique Personal Training Method:


We’ve ‘wrapped up’ these 4-pillars into our unique 12-week coaching programme, the AIM Method.

Here’s the AIM Method 12-week process we’ll take you through when you work with us:

(click image to enlarge)

We’ve used our 75+ years of combined team experience and expertise to create this AIM Method framework.

And due to how effective it is in helping our clients achieve their goals, it’s now the only programme we offer.

As a 12-week programme, it will help you begin making life-long changes in your life while remaining motivated & committed…

And additionally, having just one programme means we’re always 100% focussed on what matters most – delivering a first-class experience and life-changing results to you, our valued clients.

This programme has already helped over 500 people improve their health, fitness and quality of life…

Some of whom you can read about below:

Success Stories

Unsure if our personal training services are right for you?

Between us, we’ve helped over 500 Edinburgh residents improve their health & quality of life.

To help you decide if we’re the right fit for you, why not read about some of these people on our success stories page? You can view all of our success stories by clicking the ‘view our success stories’ button now.


Our personal training is delivered in the privacy of our Edinburgh private gyms

Exclusive personal training facilities so it’s only ever you and your coach in the quiet gym.

So there’s no contending with crowded, noisy and often intimidating public gyms.

And we use our AIM Method framework (as shown above) with everyone we work with…

So we can deliver safe and sustainable health & body transformations predictably and reliably.

You can learn more about our AIM Method 12-week transformation programmes and apply to work with us here:


You can keep doing what you’re doing and remain frustrated about how you look and feel.

Or, you can take action today, commit to change and invest in yourself by working with our expert team.

As a first step, we offer you a free, no-obligation consultation at one of our private training studios.

So, if you’re fed up with poor health, being unfit or overweight and are ready to make a change?

Visit our personal training page to learn more or simply click the “Get Started Today” button below to apply for your consultation now.

We hope to meet you soon at Luke Bremner Fitness – Personal Trainer Edinburgh.